Rio Tinto’s Largest Pink Diamond To Headline 2018 Tender

Rio Tinto's Arglye mine in Australia - the world's main if not only source of pink diamonds - may be heading for closure in 2020, but not before going out with a bang. The miner will headline one of its last ever pink diamond tenders with the Argyle Alpha vivid pink diamond, weighing 3.14 carats, which was actually uncovered in 2015. It the largest stone of its color in the history of the annual sales event.


Antwerp's Polished Diamond Trade Gains Value on Higher Prices in June, Rough Prices Fall

Antwerp's polished diamond trade in June rode rising prices to another month of gains, according to data from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), as the Belgian polished trade reasserted its modest upward trend in 2018. The value of polished exports increased 4% year-over-year to $1.04 billion despite 6 percent decline in the volume of goods traded, backed by a 10% climb in average price per carat, to $2,395 from $2,183. The average price did fall short of a May high of $2,688 per carat, likely skewed by the value of goods flowing to Las Vegas for the JCK trade show.

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Rapaport: 2018 Polished Diamond Prices Continue Rise in June

Polished diamond prices have been rising steadily in the first half of 2018, according to analysis on the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™), and this trend continued in June. Having risen by 3.4% in H1 2018, the index for 1-carat diamonds climbed another 0.8% in June. According to the RAPI, 0.30 ct. stones have continued to rise more sharply than any other category, gaining 3.1% in June and 9.7% since January. 

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Antwerp Diamond Industry Unveils Revolutionary Polishing Technology

This morning, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), together with its research center the Scientific and Technological Research Center for Diamonds (WTOCD), unveiled a revolutionary technology that fully automates and accelerates the diamond polishing process: Fenix. This technology fundamentally transforms that process that has not changed since Lodewijck Van Bercken, a 15th-century jeweler and diamond cutter in Antwerp, in 1456 discovered that diamond could be polished with diamond. Watch the preview video here.


Antwerp's Polished Diamond Exports Rise in May, Mixed Results for Rough

Antwerp's polished diamond exports in May surged by 62% compared to April and increased 5% year-over-year, according to data from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), as the Belgian polished trade continues its modest 2018 climb. Polished exports rose to $1.18 billion from April, which achieved only $728.2 million, and outstripped May 2017 exports by $56.5 million. The rise was backed by a 13% increase over April in the number of carats exported, and a 4% increase compared to the same month a year ago.

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India's Polished Diamond Exports Up in April, Rough Imports Decline

Exports of polished diamonds from the world's largest manufacturing hub, India, remained steady at $1.99 billion during the month of April as compared to March ($2.03 billion), and jumped by 14% compared to the same month a year ago according to figures Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The increase in value compared to April 2017 stems from a rise in the volume of shipments, from 2.37 to 2.77 million carats (+17%), as the average price per carat fell slightly (-2%) to about $719 per carat.


ALROSA To Focus More on Polished Colored Diamonds

The world's leader in rough diamond output, Russia's ALROSA, plans to boost revenue from selling rare, colored stones where demand is stable, according to the head of ALROSA's sales division Evgeny Agureev. The global market for polished colored diamonds is now dominated by Rio Tinto and De Beers, but it apparently ALROSA aims to makes some changes to its sorting and processing in order to compete. “We hope that ...


Hong Kong Diamond Trade Shines in Q1 2018

Hong Kong's imports and exports of rough and polished diamonds saw a solid to significant upswing across all categories during the first quarter of 2018 (Jan-March), according to figures published Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China. Polished diamond imports to the trade hub increased by 10% in value to $5.17 billion from the import of nearly 5.3 million carats worth of the polished gems. Hong Kong's exports and re-exports rose by 4% to $3.53 billion from 3.7 million carats.

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Antwerp's Rough Diamond Trade Strong Again in April, Polished Prices Fall

The Antwerp diamond trade in 2018 as a whole continues to outpace its performance during 2017, showing a double-digit increase in the value of rough goods traded and steady figures from the polished trade compared to the same period a year ago. According to figures published by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the rough diamond trade in April continued to shine, with the value of rough exports increasing nearly 17% year-over-year, while rough imports surged by 43%.

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Israeli Diamond Industry Sputters in Q1 2018

Israel’s polished-diamond exports declined 33% to $1.16 billion in the first quarter of 2018, according to Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry as reported by Rapaport News. The results stand in sharp contrast to diamond exports in Q1 2017, which jumped to $1.696 billion as a result of international trade shows, and also fell well short of the $1.467 billion in exports recorded in Q1 2016.

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India's Polished Diamond Exports Up 4% in FY 2017-18, Rough Imports Rise 11%

India's cut and polished diamond exports increased by 4.2% to $23.7 billion for the financial year 2017-18 (April - March), while the value of rough diamond imports to the manufacturing hub rose by 10.6% to $18.9 billion, according to figures from the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The average price per carat in the category of polished diamond exports saw an 18% increase, from approximately $614 per carat to $725 per carat.

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Everledger Teams With Durability Lab To Reduce Diamond Risk

Everledger today announced the collaborative launch of the Diamond Risk Platform with the Diamond Durability Laboratory (DDL), the only gemological laboratory that focuses on diamond damage and evaluating any type diamond for potential damage, in a move that will dramatically shift the risk assessment reporting of diamond damage into an innovative realm, the company said in a statement. With development commencing in 2016 and completed in Q1 2018, the Diamond Risk Platform creates, manages and stores DDL’s leading comprehensive risk assessment


Behind The Scenes at CARAT+ with Director Filip Van Laere

The second edition of CARAT+, ‘The World's Premier Diamond Event’, is ready to get underway on Sunday, May 6. Today the organization reported that pre-show registrations have climbed 50% compared to the 3,000 people that attended the first edition last year, with individuals from more than 51 countries having registered to attend.


Rosy Blue Becomes Minority Investor in Leo Schachter Diamonds

"Two diamond powerhouses are joining forces", writes Rob Bates of JCK concerning polished diamond manufacturer Rosy Blue taking a minority share in Leo Schachter, another of the world's leading polished diamond suppliers.


Sotheby's Auction To Be Magnificent: Two 50-Carat D Flawless Diamonds & Historic Blue

Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction to be held in Geneva on 15 May will feature some remarkable diamonds, most notably two large D flawless diamonds, each weighing over 50 carats, and the historic and highly important Farnese Blue, a Fancy Dark Grey-Blue diamond weighing 6.16 carats. Both of the diamonds belong to the highly rarefied sub-category of Type IIa diamonds, which make up just 2% of gem diamonds and boast the highest optical transparency. The first

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Bonas to Exceptionally Hold a Polished Tender at CARAT+ Diamond Fair, Antwerp

Bonas, one of the world's leading diamond brokering and tender houses, will exceptionally hold a polished diamond tender at the upcoming CARAT+ Diamond and Jewellery Fair at the Antwerp EXPO. Bonas typically organizes rough diamond sales on behalf of eminent miners such as Braùna, Kao, Lucara, Mountain Province and Stornoway, and provides a variety of consulting services through every stage of the diamond pipeline, from manufacturing all the way through to marketing and retail.


Antwerp Diamond Industry Records Value Gains in Q1, Rough Trade Rock Solid in March

The value of diamonds traded in Antwerp during the first quarter of 2018 (January - March) increased across the board compared to the same period a year ago, particularly in the rough diamond trade, aided by a surge in the volume and value of exported rough goods in March.

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Royal Blue: Historic Farnese Diamond at Sotheby’s May Auction, Geneva

One of the foremost historic diamonds – The Farnese Blue – will appear on the market for the first time in history this spring, after having remained in the same family for over three centuries, according to a press release from Sotheby's auction house. The existence of the diamond was apparently unknown until recently, except for the relatives of the family and its jewellers.

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India's Polished Diamond Exports Flat in February, Rough Imports Rising

Exports of cut and polished diamonds from India during the month of February 2018 remained virtually flat at $ 2.427 billion, 0.50% over the same month last year, according to provisional data released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The average price rose 6% to $791 per carat. However, while exports of cut and polished diamonds remained flat, rough imports rose by 11.35% in value terms during the month to $1.68 billion as compared to US$ 1.51 bn imported during the previous February.

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Tiffany & Co. To Move Manufacturing Out of Antwerp, Citing Market Conditions

Tiffany & Co. has announced the impending discontinuation of its manufacturing activities at its Antwerp subsidiary, Laurelton Diamonds, with the internal company reorganization coming as a result of changing market conditions. The manufacturing unit will be dismissing 24 of its 27 employees, confirming the speculations that have been circling through Antwerp's diamond district for more than a week.


Czech National Museum Finds its Precious Gems Collection is Riddled with Fakes

Diamonds and other precious stones forming part of a Czech National Museum collection in Prague, assumed to be worth millions of dollars, were discovered during a routine audit to be fakes and synthetics. The cheap imitations include a 5-carat diamond, which is just a piece of glass, and a 19-carat sapphire which turned out to be synthetic. As told by Radio Praha, "The major reconstruction of the headquarters of the National Museum in Prague has revealed more than just peeling paint and cracks in the walls.

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Israel's International Tender Center for Diamonds Thrives In First Year

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) launched the International Tender Center (ITC) in February last year to attract major diamond producers and trading companies to the market and make goods available to bourse members. According to the organization, the ITC "has succeeded beyond expectations during its first year of activity." So much so, the bourse has announced that the center will be expanded later this year to encompass a venue for live auctions.

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Antwerp Diamond Trade Decelerates in February

After shooting out of the starting blocks in January with significant increases across the board, imports to and exports from the diamond capital came back down to earth in February, following De Beers' pattern from its second sight of the year where rough sales fell 17% from January. According to figures published by the AWDC, February rough diamond exports fell 21% in volume and 6% in value to $1.02 billion from $1.09 billion in February last year.

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Antwerp Bourses & AWDC New Partners for CARAT+ Diamond Event

The Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses (FDBD) and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) have signed on as partners for the second edition of CARAT+ to be held in Antwerp from from May 6-8. Under the agreement, Easyfairs - the organizer of CARAT+ - and the Antwerp diamond industry "will combine their efforts to continue to build an ambitious vision for the future of the international diamond business", according a press release from the organization. The organization of CARAT+ in the Antwerp Expo Halls, with large spaces and logistical facilities, meets the demands of exhibitors and vis


Is it appropriate for the diamond industry to offer mass quantities of loose one-carat diamonds at these events? What is the message we are sending to the high-end consumers who frequent trade fairs, if they see high-end diamond jewelry pieces at one booth, and then loose diamonds in large quantities offered at wholesale prices at another booth? Does this help us promote diamonds as a rare creation of earth or harm those efforts? Isn’t it clear that we are hurting our own business with these actions? Healthy trade is based on daily sales out of the office or at the customers’ businesses, not at trade shows ... The high costs of exhibiting, the difficulty of making the right price, the possible degradation of the positioning of polished diamonds, all require us to carefully consider our trade fair strategy.

- Ehud Arye Laniado, "Reconsidering Trade Shows"

ALROSA To Hold Two Rough & Polished Auctions at Hong Kong Trade Fair

ALROSA plans to hold two auctions of rough and polished diamonds at the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, taking place from February 27 to March 3, 2018, the company writes in a press release. ALROSA's United Selling Organization (USO) auctions special size rough diamonds over 10.8 carats, and will be putting 121 gem-quality lots with a total weight of 1,949 carats up for sale during the show. The weight of the largest diamond is 47.08 carats.

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After Strong January, India's Polished Diamond Exports +4% on Year, Rough Imports +11%

India's polished diamond exports during the month of January 2018 rose to US$2.08 billion from US$1.62 bn in January 2017, a jump of 28.8% according to provisional data released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). Meanwhile, rough imports were up by 13.68% in value terms during the month to US$1.44 billion as compared to US$1.27 bn imported during the previous January. In volume terms, however, rough imports declined from 15.3 million carats during January 2017 to 13.3 million carats during January this year.

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Israeli Polished Diamond Trade Slips Again in 2017

Israel's diamond trade decined in terms of the volume and value traded for the third straight year, according to Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry as reported by Rapaport News. The industry's polished exports fell 4% on the year to just under $4.5 billion, while volume of polished exports fell 6% to 1.7 million carats. Rapaport further notes that exports to the US, the largest market for the Israeli diamonds, declined 7% to $1.69 billion, while shipments to Belgium bounced back, surging 20% to $420 million.

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Sotheby's Unveils Largest D Flawless Round Diamond: 102 Carats

Blue Diamonds Push Fancy Color Index Up Slightly in Q4 2017

The fourth quarter of 2017 saw a slight rise in fancy color diamond prices over the previous quarter, thanks to continued appreciation from blue stones, writes The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) in a press release. The significant increases in prices of fancy blue diamonds were offset by continued softness in fancy yellow diamonds and stagnation in fancy pink diamond prices. The Fancy Color Diamond Index in Q4 2017 indicates an overall rise of 0.1% over Q3 2017 for fancy yellow, pink and blue diamonds in all sizes and saturations.


India Doubles Polished Diamond Import Tax to 5%

The Indian government has raised import duty on cut and polished diamonds and coloured gemstones from 2.5% to 5% in the Union Budget 2018-19, and the country's diamond trade is not pleased. Announcing the 2018 budget, and in an attempt to protect the local industry Finance Minister Arun Jaitley doubled the import duty on cut and polished diamonds, coloured gemstones and lab-grown diamonds and also raised customs duty on imitation jewelry from 15 to 20 percent. 


Antwerp Diamond Trade Stable in 2017, Starts 2018 Strong

The Antwerp diamond trade booked stable results overall in 2017, according to a press release from industry representative body the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). They note that after a very difficult 2015, the Antwerp diamond trade stabilized in 2016, and this trend continued over past year as the industry traded a total of $US46 billion in diamonds ($US48 billion in 2016). In 2017, a total of 233.6 million carats of diamonds were imported to and exported from Antwerp.

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Bharat Diamond Bourse To Host India’s First Diamond Week

The Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) will be organizing an India Diamond Week from April 23-25 in Mumbai, the first ever such trade fair in India, writes industry organization GJEPC. About 200 booths for polished diamond companies will be set up within the bourse, and Indian as well as international traders will be invited to apply for them.  “All booths will be standardised and be of the same size,” explained Mehul Shah, Vice President of BDB.


Leading Diamond Industry Organizations Back Standard-Setting “Diamond Terminology Guideline”

Nine of the leading diamond industry organizations and jewelry associations have jointly released the Diamond Terminology Guideline, containing recommendations for describing diamonds and synthetic diamonds, announced the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and CIBJO the World Jewellery Confederation in a press release. The Guideline, based on ISO standards and the CIBJO Diamond Blue Book, is intended to set the universal standard for communicating about diamonds and their laboratory-grown counterparts.

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Diamonds & Antwerp Quality Label Launched in Japan

The Belgian Embassy in Tokyo was the setting for the launch of a new initiative to bring certified, Antwerp-sourced diamonds to the Japanese retail market under the quality label: "Diamonds & Antwerp" (DnA).

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Diamond Dealers Club of New York Opens New Trading Floor

Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) of New York has moved to the International Gem Tower on West 47th Street in New York City, from its longtime home at 580 Fifth Ave, debuting its new trading floor on the occasion of the seventh India Diamond Week. More than 60 exhibitors and several hundred buyers were on hand for the event, organizers said. It was organized by DDC in conjunction with India’s Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council.


CARAT+ Diamond Show Returns to Antwerp in May 2018, Includes Colored Gemstones

The second edition of The World’s Premier Diamond Event, CARAT+, will open at the Antwerp Expo Belgium on May 6, introducing new show features and welcoming leading industry professionals from across the globe. Launched for the first time in 2017, CARAT+ won the praise of exhibitors and visitors alike with its glamorous trade show floor and 130 leading exhibitors from 13 countries.

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AWDC, CIBJO Sign MOU with Russia To Improve Polished Diamond Classification

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation today (January 24) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Moscow with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to facilitate the implementation of measures intended to improve the polished diamond classification system used in Russia.


India Exports, Imports More Diamonds in 2017 Calendar Year

India's polished diamond trade ended the calendar year 2017 (the fiscal year runs April-March) with a slight increase over the same period a year ago, as polished exports 2.1% to $23.09 billion, while rough imports were worth $18.47 billion, representing an 11% increase over 2016. This according to statistics published by industry organization GJEPC. In carat weight, polished diamond exports increased 6.7% to 34.9 million carats, at an average price of $667 per carat, according to our calculations.

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India Lowers GST on Polished Diamonds to 0.25% from 3%

India's GST (Goods and Services Tax) Council met on January 18 slashed the tax rate on 54 services and 29 items, including polished diamonds. Diamond processors and jewellery exporters in the country Around 94 percent of the diamonds processed in the country would attract 0.25 per cent GST effective Friday, according to Business Standard, down from three percent, following the GST Council's decision. This adjustment, however, only applies to trade between Indian states.

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ALROSA Sells $4.17B Rough Diamonds in 2017, Lower Avg. Price Dents Revenue

According to preliminary figures released today, ALROSA’s rough and polished diamond sales for the year 2017 amounted to US$4.27 billion, a 5% decline from the US$4.49 billion in overall sales in 2016 despite an estimated 5% increase in rough diamond production. The Russian mining giant provisionally sold $4.17 billion in rough diamonds compared to $4.34 billion in 2016. They sold US$96.9 million in polished diamonds on the year.

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Bain & Co. Publishes Global Diamond Report 2017: "Stable" Year, Positive Outlook Amid Challenges

Bain & Company, together with the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), has published their seventh annual report on the global diamond industry, "The enduring story in a changing world", covering industry developments in 2016 and the first half of 2017 as well as the challenges the industry faces and how it is turning them into opportunities. Their report looks at key issues along the value chain, from rough-diamond production and sales, to midstream performance and global diamond jewelry demand in major markets.

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Antwerp Diamond Trade Solid in November, Rough Exports Surge

According to figures released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the Antwerp diamond trade experienced an increase in activity nearly across the board in November comparatively, likely tied to events in India and U.A.E. The volume of rough diamond exports surged by 107% compared to October and 142% year-on-year, reaching 14.6 million carats during the month. The value of those rough exports also spiked by 55% compared to last month and 22% year-on-year, achieving $1.28 billion.

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ALROSA Sells 4 of 5 Dynasty Diamonds +30% Reserve Price, 51-Ct Stone Withdrawn

ALROSA's first auction for the sale of The Dynasty collection concluded with an average premium of 30% on the reserve prices for four of the five diamonds, with the maximum excess over reserve at 52% the company writes; but they withdrew the 51.38-carat signature stone from the sale. More than 130 companies and private clients registered to participate in the bidding. In accordance with the company’s strategy, the goal of the first auction was to evaluate the upper bound of the price range that might be offered to the market.


As has happened with fine art, wine, and other categories, well-informed consumers are rapidly recognizing the opportunities inherent in jewelry and, in the process, driving up the prices of an already limited commodity. Just 10 years ago, a buyer could have bought a vivid blue diamond for $200,000 to $300,000 per carat; today, that same stone is fetching $2 million to $3 million per carat. This tenfold increase in value surpasses the growth rate of the S&P 500 and most real estate markets ... Though such swift appreciation often leads to a correction, many of the savviest market experts see no signs of a sell-off ... Jewelry’s rising value is now outpacing that of classic cars.

- Jill Newman, from "Why Diamonds and Gems Are Catching the Eye of Serious Investors"


Guangzhou Int'l Jewelry & Diamond Conference Focuses on Market Growth

Last week, the Guangzhou Diamond Exchange and Guangdong Gems & Jade Exchange, subsidiaries of Guangdong Assets & Equity Exchange Group, held a series of annual meetings around the theme of “Belt & Road, Hand in Hand — International Jewelry & Diamond Conference 2017". China's Belt and Road Initiative, roughly defined, is a development campaign through which China wants to boost trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond by building massive amounts of infrastructure connecting it to countries around the globe.

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ALROSA’s Dynasty Collection Hits Auction Block Tomorrow (Nov. 29)

On November 29, ALROSA is holding a silent auction for the sale of the unique polished diamond collection, The Dynasty. The Dynasty collection consists of five diamonds and was produced from a 179-carat unique rough diamond named The Romanovs, which was mined from Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2015. The main 51.38-ct diamond is a 57-facet traditional round brilliant-cut diamond, Triple Excellent (the best quality cut), D, VVS1. Such characteristics occur in less than 1% of diamonds worldwide.


India's Diamond Trade Sputters in October as Holiday Takes Toll

India's Diwali holiday season was not so festive for the diamond trade, as the recess for the sector led to sharp declines in exports and imports in the month of October. According to statistics published by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), exports of polished diamonds fell 23% in value to $1.93 billion, while declining 17% in volume, from 3.3 to 2.7 million carats year-over-year. For the year to date, the value of polished diamond exports has fallen 2.76% to $13.83 billion.
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ALROSA Sells Fancy Colored Polished Diamonds for $1.2M

In the framework of its efforts to develop and increase the marketing and sales activity for their own polished diamonds manufactured by DIAMONDS ALROSA, the cutting and polishing division of ALROSA diamond mining company, the company auctioned fancy colored diamonds in Israel this November and sold the entire assortment - 262 polished diamonds with the total weight of 209.34 carats, including 15 rare pink diamonds weighing 15.31 carats. Overall revenue from the sales of fancy colored diamonds totalled $1.209 million.

Grisogono's 163-Carat Diamond Sells for $33.7M at Christie's Geneva

Fancy Color Diamond Index Inches Up in Q3, Scarcity Driving Prices

The scarcity of blue and pink fancy color diamonds on the market is driving prices higher, writes the Fancy Color Reasearch Foundation (FCRF). The Fancy Color Diamond Index for the third quarter of 2017 increased slightly compared to Q2, with a 0.2% total rise for yellow, pink and blue fancy color diamonds in all sizes and saturations. The best performers with regard to prices in Q3 were fancy blue and pink color diamonds, which appreciated 0.4% and 0.3% respectively.


Antwerp Diamond Trade Records Healthy October in Soft Market

The Antwerp diamond industry had a solid month of trading in October, particularly on the export side, as the value of rough and polished exports both took a turn for the better despite soft midstream demand for rough and a seasonally slow polished landscape. Furthermore, according to figures published by the AWDC, the trend of high volumes of low-value rough exports abated for the first time in months, as the increase in the value of rough exports (+15%) nearly kept pace with the increase in volume (+19%) on a year-over-year basis.

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October Holidays Slow Polished Diamond Trade, Prices Fall Again

"Diamond prices softened slightly in October amid slow trading as businesses closed for Indian and Jewish holidays," according to Rapaport's latest press release. "Polished inventory levels dropped during the month, but remain higher than usual for this time of year, exerting downward pressure on prices." They note that the number of unique diamonds listed on RapNet has increased 18% since January to 1.4 million, as dealers are holding large volumes of hard-to-move goods and seeing shortages of select in-demand categories, such as RapSpec A3+, SI-clarity diamonds.


Israel's Diamond Trade Has Slowed in 2017

According to Rapaport News, based on figures from the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel's diamond trade as a whole has slowed in 2017, as exports of polished diamonds to the US, Israel’s largest market, declined 15% to $1.26 billion during the nine-month period. Exports to Hong Kong are also down, but only by 3% to $1.01 billion. Rapaport writes: "The country’s exports of polished diamonds fell 12% year on year to $3.38 billion during the first nine months of 2017, while the volume of goods sent out dropped 11% to 1.297 million carats.

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HRD Antwerp Launches ID CARD for Diamonds Under 1 Carat

HRD Antwerp today launched its new diamond ID CARD: a highly affordable grading report for diamonds that weigh between 0.08 and 0.998 carats. "With this new product, we aim to bring a comprehensive solution to one of the diamond market’s main current challenges: ensuring confidence in small-sized diamonds," says Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp.

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India's Polished Exports Gain 1.7% in H1; Low-Price Goods Rule Rough Trade

India's exports of cut and polished diamonds gained nearly 6% in value year-over-year in September, reports the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). The Indian trade exported $2.65 billion worth of polished diamonds in September 2017 compared to $1.82 billion in the same month a year earlier, according to provisional data. For the first half of the financial year to date (April-September), India's polished exports are up by 1.7% in value terms, currently sitting at $11.9 billion, compared to $11.7 billion a year earlier.

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Christie's To Auction 19.07-Ct Pink Diamond of French Royal Provenance

A legendary 19.07 carat pink diamond of historic Royal French provenance will be offered for sale at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva on 14 November 2017, the auction house reports in a press release. The magnificent stone has been in the collection of four kings, four queens, two emperors and two empresses, starting with the Sun King, Louis XIV. It is one of France’s most storied gems, with three centuries of royal provenance.

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Sotheby's To Auction World’s Largest Fancy Intense Pink Diamond, Est. $20-30M

Sotheby’s will be presenting ‘The Raj Pink’, claimed to be the world’s largest known Fancy Intense Pink diamond, weighing 37.30 carats, at its auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels in Geneva, on 15 November 2017. Its estimate is $20 million - $30 million. “The discovery of any pink diamond is exceptional, but the Raj Pink’s remarkable size and intensity of colour places it in the rarefied company of the most important pink diamonds known,” says David Bennett, Worldwide Chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewellery Division.


Belgian Ambassador Visits ALROSA

Jean-Arthur Régibeau, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Russian Federation, visited the United Sales Organization (USO) ALROSA, and one of Russia's leading diamond cutting facilities - DIAMONDS ALROSA. He met with the heads of subdivisions and got acquainted with the process flow and work principles - and also was shown the amazing Dynasty Collection. “It was a familiarization visit.


Ehud Laniado Examines Diamond Demand Trends

Diamond industry analyst Ehud Laniado takes a helpful look at the, "trends, anomalies and problems in the wholesale sector of the diamond market" as we approach the holiday season. As anticipated, demand is rising, but changes in the nature of that demand are causing some concern; in particular, the steady shift to lower-priced goods, lower peaks in demand and an overall decline in polished prices.

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