About The Diamond Loupe

The diamond industry is a constantly evolving global business, strongly influenced by international events. Staying informed about top industry developments, trends and dynamics is key for stakeholders in the business, but since we live in an age of information overload, keeping up with the latest diamond news can be tedious and time consuming. Thanks to The Diamond Loupe, those interested in the diamond industry no longer need to look through numerous websites to find the information they need.

The Diamond Loupe is an international news medium, a one-stop-shop, designed to provide the most complete information and more insight into the dynamics that drive the diamond business. In the form of a news wall and a smart app, The Diamond Loupe is an efficient and quick means of tracking and staying on top of industry news and trends. It features headlines of the most recent news items meticulously selected by the The Diamond Loupe editors, updated on a daily basis.

At a glance, you will be up-to-date with the main developments in the diamond industry and beyond. Each news item contains a link to the original news source, allowing you to fully delve into a topic by reading the articles of your choice on their actual platform.

The Diamond Loupe is not simply a repository of news. Opinion pieces and in-depth analyses by both experts active in the global diamond sector and those from outside the industry, feature on a regular basis.

The Diamond Loupe is an initiative of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the organization representing the Antwerp diamond sector, the world’s leading diamond hub.