Trade Journalist Turns Mystery Writer: Rob Bates' A Murder Is Forever

Rob Bates, well-known and widely respected trade journalist and industry expert is debuting as an author with a first in what will be a series of mystery novels, titled A Murder Is Forever. Bates draws from over 30 years experience in the diamond industry and the New York diamond district in particular. Bates says he hopes his friends, sources, and acquaintances in the Diamond District enjoy the novel for its escapism and insider-y details. But he’s keeping his second career in perspective: “I really enjoyed writing the book, and I hope people like it.

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102ct D Flawless Fetches $15.7m

Diamond Studded Face Mask

Rapper Shows His - $250k Bling - Teeth

More Than 99 Carats of Arkansas Diamonds Recovered in 2019

Visitors to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in the state of Arkansas, USA, had a prolific year of digging in 2019, recovering more than 99 carats of rough diamonds. Treasure hunters from 37 states and one foreign country found 491 diamonds during the year, including 336 white gems, 73 brown, and 82 yellow. The total weight for all diamonds registered last year was 99.14 carats, which outpaced the volume of diamonds found in 2018 by 22 carats. 

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Alrosa Recovers Unusual 'Matryoshka' Diamond

Russian diamond miner Alrosa has made an unusual find in Yakutia - a diamond with another diamond moving freely inside, making it resemble a traditional Russian Matryoshka doll. According to the experts who have studied the find, this is the first such diamond in the history of global diamond mining. The diamond was mined at the Nyurba mining and processing division. 

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The Blackest Black, a Disappearing Diamond and The Redemption of Vanity

In a remarkable constellation of art and science, artist Diemut Strebe, in collaboration with MIT scientist Brian Wardle, has used the blackest black ever created to make a 16.78-carat yellow diamond completely “disappear.” The project is called "The Redemption of Vanity", and the super-black diamond currently sits on view in an unlikely, but very fitting venue: the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

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Lucara Selects Name for 1,758ct Diamond: Sewelô ("Rare Find")

Coronet Earns Another Guinness World Record With Diamond Watch

Coronet, the signature brand of Hong Kong-based Aaron Shum Jewelry, has been awarded its ninth Guinness World Record, this time for the most diamonds set on a watch: 15,858, weighing a combined 50.01 carats. Unveiled at BaselWorld last week, the watch is named Mudan 牡丹, which is Chinese for peony, a flower recognized as the King of the flowers in the Chinese culture.

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From Russia, With Love: Alrosa Unveils 66-ct. Heart-Shaped Rough

Canadian Student Finds New Way To Extract Diamonds from Kimberlite

Hamdi Ali, a 17-year old high-school student from Canada has discovered a new way to extract diamonds from kimberlite rocks, according to a report from the University of Alberta where she was conducting summer research. She discovered that using SELFRAG high voltage pulse power fragmentation technology on the kimberlite rocks enabled recovery of diamonds that would have been crushed if established extraction methods had been used.

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Absurd Black Friday: $32 for 1.5-Carat Synthetic Diamond

Start Digging! Scientists Believe Diamond Mother Lode Sits 100 Miles Below Earth’s Surface

There may be more than a quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior, according to a new study from MIT and other universities. But the new results are unlikely to set off a diamond rush, writes MIT News. The scientists estimate the precious minerals are buried more than 100 miles below the surface, far deeper than any drilling expedition has ever reached.

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ALROSA's Football Contest: Name a Diamond, Go To World Cup Final

ALROSA, the world's largest diamond mining company, is organizing a contest for diamond and football fans alike: create a 'football' name for large rough diamond (76.53 carats), and win a ticket to the final game of the FIFA World Cup 2018™. The centerpiece stone of this contest will also constitute the core of a 'football' collection of special size rough diamonds to be auctioned in Moscow. Fans may submit their ideas to The winner will also receive a certificate that the stone is named after his or her idea.

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Coronet Sets Guinness World Record with Diamond-Studded Handbag

Coronet, a Hong Kong-based diamond jewellery brand has set another Guiness World Record, this time for the "Most diamonds set on a handbag" with nearly 10,000 embedded in a Coca-Cola-inspired accessory. This Coca-Cola bottle-shaped diamond handbag contains 9,888 pieces of natural diamonds, weighing 120 carats, and took 15 highly skilled craftsmen nearly 100 days to complete, showcasing the utmost creativity and extravagance, Guinness writes. The bag is set with 8,543 black diamonds and 1,345 colorless diamonds.

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Argyle Diamonds Adorn Pink Panther Ingots from Perth Mint

Featuring genuine examples some of the world’s rarest diamonds - pink gems from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia - The Perth Mint has launched a limited edition collection of Pink Diamond Ingots celebrating the Pink Panther. Struck from 91.67% pure pink gold and 99.95% pure platinum, each ingot is handset with two stunning pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, each weighing 0.08 carats, of Fancy Intense to Vivid Purplish Pink color.

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Lovin' It: McDonald's Giving Away Diamond Bling

The "On a roll" collection by Nadine Ghosn must have some special sauce, as it has gained some big-time attention: notably, from McDonald's. The fast-food giant approached the designer and asked her to collaborate on a project in honor of the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary this year, writes Ashley Davis for National Jeweler.

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Treasure Hunters' Dream at Sotheby's: $13 Boot Sale Diamond Ring Sells for $700,000

A ring that was originally purchased in the 1980s from a car boot sale for £10 ($13) under the assumption that it was a decorative costume jewel, today went under the hammer at Sotheby's Fine Jewels auction in London for $700,000 (£540,000), hammer price. It was only in the past few months that the owner decided to see if the ring had any value and asked Sotheby's to appraise it.

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Bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Painted with 1,000 Diamonds

Lady Gaga to Star in Tiffany & Co.'s First-Ever Super Bowl Commercial

Antwerp Archives Reveal Diamond Trade Dating Back to 1447

Last week, on the occasion of the "Diamond Year" that the City of Antwerp will celebrate from September 2017 through May 2018, the City of Antwerp dug deep into its "Insolvente Boedels" archive, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage resource, to reveal documents dating the diamond trade in Antwerp back to 1447 - or 570 years ago. The 'crown jewel' of the documents revealed is an edict dating from 1447 in which the 'College of Mayor and Aldermen' decree that, "No one may trade in fake diamonds." The College was well ahead of its time.

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One-of-a-kind Luxury Watches For The Year Of The Rooster

Forbes created a list of the top luxury watches designed to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, which beings on January 28, 2017. The year of the Rooster will be captured by Ulysse Nardin, Jaquet Droz, Chopard, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin – brands that are known for combining Swiss craftsmanship with Chinese culture.

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$90,000 Ugly Diamond Christmas Sweater

The American rapper 2 Chainz collaborated with his personal jeweler Avianne in order to created a one-of-a-kind black sweater that is adorned with a Santa doing the “hit dem folks” dance move.
The sweater includes 50 carats of diamonds trimming Santa’s hat and 250 grams of gold in Santa’s belt buckle. The lucky owner of this Ugly sweater will simply have to dish out a cool $90,000. 

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Source Of Biggest And Rarest Diamonds Discovered

A research team, led by GIA’s Evan Smith, has made a significant breakthrough in understanding how the biggest and rarest diamonds are born of deep-lying metallic liquid. 

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Cheetos Launches Crunch-Tastic Jewelry Collection

Cheetos, the finger-lickingly good snack brand owned by Frito-Lay, has launched a high-quality jewelry collection to ring in the holidays. The jewelry set, ‘Eye of the Cheetah from the Chestora Collection’, includes a one-of-a-kind gold and diamond encrusted earring and ring set which retails at $20,000. The dazzling Eye of the Cheetah, an 18k yellow gold ring, features a magnificent 4.7 carat orange sapphire. Each earring boasts matching orange sapphires, totaling 2.89 carats.

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Indian Diamantaire Gifts 1,260 Cars, 400 Apartments to Staff for Diwali

A diamond tycoon in India has again given away more than a thousand cars and hundreds of apartments to his staff as a bonus for meeting company targets. Savjibhai Dholakia, who runs Hare Krishna Exports, a diamond export firm in the city of Surat, announced his company would give 1,260 cars, 400 apartments and pieces of jewelry to his employees ahead of the Hindu festival of Diwali which falls on the weekend. “Our aim is that each employee must have his own home and car in the next five years.

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ALROSA Names 136.24 Carat Diamond After Russian Judo Coach, Putin's "Second Father"

Russia’s ALROSA, the world's top diamond producer by output in carats, last August recovered a 136.24-carat rough diamond from its Nyurbinskaya pipe, a known source of big rocks. The gem-quality rough diamond, a 3 Black Makeable 1 color and one of the largest diamonds recovered in the history of Nyurbinskaya pipe, went unnamed until now: it will henceforth be called Anatoly Rakhlin.

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Fisherman 'Kept Giant Pearl Under Bed For 10 years'

A fisherman in the Philippines has kept what is claimed to be the biggest natural pearl ever found hidden in his home for more than 10 years. The enormous pearl, which has not yet been confirmed as being one, is 30cm wide, 67cm long, and weighs 34kg. If it is confirmed to have formed within a giant clam, as has been widely reported, it could have a value of more than $100 million.

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Blinged-Out Phone Firm Already Taking Orders for Diamond-Set iPhone 7

Apple has not yet officially launched the iPhone 7 yet, but luxury retailer Brikk is already offering preorders for some incredibly blinged-out new iPhones. Brikk's custom Lux iPhone 7 options include large diamonds, small diamonds, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum in various combinations. Buyers can also choose from 120 different scratch-resistant colors. Prices range from $4,995 to $1.3 million.

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'Dusty Old Chair' Proves Good Investment After Diamond Jewelry Found in it

Throwing away old furniture? It's worth checking carefully as you never know what you might find, according to a story from the UK where a couple bought a dusty old chair for just £5 at an auction – and years later discovered diamond jewelry worth £5,000 ($6,600) hidden inside it. The couple bought the chair around 10 years ago, but could not afford to have it reupholstered at the time and instead kept it in their attic for six years.

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Fewer Weeks of Work Needed to Buy Diamond Ring in U.S.


Media Boost for Diamonds as Sister of Future UK Queen Receives Engagement Ring

Diamond rings have received a welcome boost, particularly among millennials, with global coverage of the engagement ring received by Pippa Middleton whose sister is married to the future king of the United Kingdom. Middleton was photographed wearing the ring estimated to have cost around £200,000 ($260,000) with jewelry experts describing the piece as “quite Art Deco in style” and with a central stone that is “upwards of three carats” with excellent color and clarity.

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Million Dollar Argyle Red Diamond Coin Sold Within 48 hours

Rio Tinto reports it has sold the Perth Mint’s Kimberley Treasure, the world’s first coin to feature a rare red diamond from its Argyle Diamond Mine in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia. The million dollar coin is made from one kilogram of 99.99% fine gold and set with a radiant cut 0.54 carat Argyle red diamond and sold within 48 hours of its unveiling.

The buyer of the coin is Tiara Gems and Jewellery, a Dubai based company specializing in rare and important fancy color diamonds, unique collectibles and heirloom pieces of jewelry.

Fun Facts

2-Carat Diamond Ring Part of $2 Million Luxury Dinner

As if a 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond set in an 18K rose-gold-plated platinum ring was not enough on its own, the World of Diamonds company is marketing an 8-hour air, land and sea dinner journey starting with a 45-minute private helicopter tour over Singapore followed by a chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive and a private luxury cruise. Guests then enjoy an 18-course meal using diamond-studded chopsticks. The $2 million price tag is for one couple and includes 10,000 fresh roses, 44 and 55-year-old vintage wines.

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Love ‘Game of Thrones’ Jewelry? Collection Being Launched on June 30

Some of the jewelry items worn by the Mother of Dragons character played by actress Emilia Clarke on the wildly popular Game of Thrones TV series will soon be available for fans of the show to purchase. The jewelry is based on a long-standing partnership between Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton and London-based jewelry brand Yunus & Eliza, JCK reports. Fans will be able to buy a few reproductions of Clarke’s on-screen looks, along with a range of brand-new Game of Thrones-inspired styles.

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Engagement Ring Donald Trump Gave to Former Wife up for Sale

The owner of an engagement ring that Donald Trump gave to former wife Marla Maples is hoping the huge media coverage of Trump's presidential bid will help create extra interest in the sale at auction of the ring. The auction is being handled by estate jewelry auctioneer Joseph DuMouchelle, and the ring could sell for $300,000 or more. Trump proposed to Maples with the 7.45-carat Harry Winston ring in 1991. Maples put the ring up for auction following their 1999 divorce, where it sold for $110,000, which she donated to charity.

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Marilyn Monroe’s Diamond-Set Watch Up for Auction

A Blancpain cocktail watch and its bracelet, set with 71 round diamonds and two marquise stones and once owned by Marilyn Monroe, is expected to sell for $80,000 to $120,000 at auction in November. A worldwide tour of a collection of Monroe's belongings started on June 1, which would have been her 90th birthday, with the vintage timepiece being the highest-valued item.

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Leicester Jeweler Creates Diamond Rings in Honor of Soccer Champions

A series of diamond rings worth £225,000 ($325,000) has been created to honor English soccer champions Leicester City and its historic Premier League win this season. The rings were made by a Leicester-based jeweler and are set with a 5.01-carat central diamond set in a yellow gold crown - mimicking the Premier League trophy - flanked by blue sapphires. The rings also feature two gold lions facing each other on the silver band, another reference to the league trophy.

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Lakers Present Basketball Star Kobe Bryant With Diamond Ring as he Bows Out

American basketball star Kobe Bryant has received a diamond ring from his team, the Lakers, to honor his retirement. The ring, according to a spokesperson for the jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, is made up of round white diamonds with a total carat weight of 4.87 carats set in approximately 70 grams of 14K yellow and white gold, according to a report in USA Today. There are five large diamonds for each of the championships Bryant won.

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Too Good to be True Diamond Deal Nixed by Miami Court

A judge in Miami has sided with a cruise ship operator which mistakenly sold a 20.64-carat emerald-cut diamond for $235,000 to passenger Thomas DePrince who bought it knowing it was worth several millions of dollars. When the retail operator, Starboard Cruise Services, realized the price tag was the per carat price not the overall cost, it called DePrince and explained the mistake. The retailer canceled the sale and refunded the purchase price to DePrince’s credit card.

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"Unique Pink", Fancy Vivid Pink Pear (15.38ct) May Fetch US$38 million

$4 Million Diamond-Encrusted Trainers to be Auctioned for Charity

Luxury haute couture brand Bicion and designer Dan Gamache have produced a pair of the world's most expensive trainers - a pair of custom Li-Ning Dwyane Wade shoes decked out with hundreds of carats of white diamond pieces and blue sapphires set into gold - costing $4 million. The trainers were unveiled in New York. They will be auctioned off to benefit the Soles4Souls - a US-based charity that collects new and used shoes and redistributes them through direct donations to people in need.

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Shirley Temple's Blue Diamond Ring to Hit Auction Block

A rare blue diamond ring belonging to the late Shirley Temple, Hollywood’s most famous child actress in the 1930s and 40s is going up for auction starting at $25 million, auctioneer Sotheby’s said Thursday. The 9.54-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring was purchased by Temple’s father for $7,210 in 1940 around the time of the actress’ 12th birthday. A private buyer bought the ring from her estate and is now putting it up for auction.

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Pop Star Kylie Minogue Flaunts Large Diamond Ring

The Australian singer is the latest celebrity to help promote diamonds, particularly among the younger generation, by prominently showing off a large emerald-cut diamond ring at an annual pop music awards ceremony in London.

Fun Facts

The Magical Allure of Rare Blue Diamonds

"The illustrious story of the impeccable blue diamond began in the 17th  century when Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a French diamond merchant, traveller and pioneer of diamond trade with India, first set eyes on a unique and unforgettable diamond in India. The “superfine deep blue” that so captivated Tavernier was later sold to King Louis XIV in 1669 as the famous French Blue, used to adorn the crown of Queen Marie Antoinette.

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Making the Super Bowl Ring: An Inside Look

What better way to kickoff the evening of the 50th Super Bowl (American football championship game) than by taking a glimpse inside the company that has designed and made the majority of the diamond-studded rings awarded to the victors? Vice President of Jostens Sports Division Chris Poitras said, "We created the first Super Bowl ring for Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers in 1966 and we've continued on. We've done 31 of the 49 Super Bowls." The first Super Bowl ring for the Packers had a simple design - 40 grams of gold and a one-carat diamond in the center.

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Diamond Atomics for Dummies: Bursting The (Gas) Bubble

In a contribution on the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) website, Chief Scientist of the Diamond Durability Laboratory, Daniel Howell brings a widespread misconception to the attention on what many assume to be bubbles of air or gas trapped inside rough diamonds. The misconception has led some manufacturers to drill release channels, fearing the trapped gas may cause the rough diamond to explode during polishing.

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Lucara Says Batswana To Name 1,111-Carat Diamond

The people of Botswana will be given an opportunity to name the 1,111 carat diamond discovered at the country's Karowe mine which is the largest ever found in Botswana and the second-largest in the world. Lucara Diamond Chief Executive Officer William Lamb said his company agreed on running a competition for the naming of the precious stone which made a mark in Botswana’s mining history as a way of emphasizing the importance of the country's mineral resources. Lamb said Minister of Minerals Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila, had suggested that Batswana should name it.

Fun Facts

Diamond Dust Set in Vintage Playboy Covers in New Exhibition

Six vintage covers of Playboy magazine from 1967 to 1982 have been embellished with diamond dust for a new exhibition. Artist Simon Claridge from Edinburgh  made his name producing sepia silkscreen portraits of popular icons including Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy finished with a form of glitter derived from diamonds, the Daily Mail reports. Now he has given the Playboy bunnies a similarly sparkly treatment for a new exhibition opening at the Playboy Club in London's Mayfair on 15 January.

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Designing The Jewelry of Downton Abbey

Miss Universe Crown Set With 311 Diamonds

Although media coverage of the Miss Universe 2015 competition surrounded the mix-up over the winner, one of the other stars of the event was the crown presented to Miss Philippines. The crown is set with 311 diamonds, five pieces of blue topaz, 198 pieces of blue sapphire, 33 pieces of crystal and made of gold and was designed to resemble the Manhattan skyline. The crown is reportedly worth around $300,000 and was made by Czech Republic company, Diamonds International Corporation.

Fun Facts

The Most Popular Time to Propose? Christmas Eve, Says Facebook

Facebook knows about relationships due to its users' 'relationship status' function. When any of its 1.4 billion users moves in or out of a relationship, Facebook knows. Of the 156 million users in the United States 2.6 million changed their status to “engaged” last year, reports The Jewelers Blog. Turns out the most popular days for getting down on bended knee are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day, meaning that, ironically, the day everyone assumes to be the most romantic for proposals actually come in fourth.

Fun Facts

Diamond Atomics For Dummies: Fancy Colors

In an interesting LinkedIn Pulse post, Gideon Golan explains how differences in atoms and structural models or exposure to outer radiation during their formation are the reason why some diamonds are coloured while others are “white”, or more precisely more or less “transparent”. Strangely enough, what creates today’s most sought-after and high-priced fancy coloured diamonds are called “defects”.

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Automatic Cash For Jewelry Machine

Goldstür has announced the deployment of a first series of automated cash for jewelry kiosks in a supermarket chain in Minnesota, where customers can have gold, silver and platinum jewelry pieces appraised automatically, with the option of trading in their jewelry for cash or gift cards in a process that takes but a few minutes. The kiosks link with real-time commodity prices to provide potential sellers with an accurate, current price for their jewelry.

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U.S. Salvation Army to Benefit From Diamond Ring Sale in Xmas Collection

It's become something of a tradition in the United States, with an anonymous donor placing a diamond engagement ring in a Salvation Army collection pot. This time, a diamond ring valued at around $3,500 was placed in a collection kettle in Massachusetts and will be auctioned off on Saturday. Earlier this month, a check for $500,000 was dropped into a Salvation Army collection kettle in Minnesota.

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Smog-Free 'Diamonds' Created by Producing Clean Air

The city of Beijing just issued an air pollution red alert - the first time it has done so in history- as heavy smog blankets its skylines. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde might have a solution: he is in midst of negotiations to deliver to Beijing a seven-metre high “Smog Free Tower” that he says is the world’s largest vacuum cleaner, but said “It's a very sensitive, political topic.” Roosegaarde first presented the tower as part of his “Smog Free Project” in September in Rotterdam.

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London Designer Creates Necklace Based On Hatton Garden Heist Hole

Designer Joseph Bruce has created a necklace based on the hole left behind from the Hatton Garden jewelry raid last April, when thieves drilled through a 50cm wall with special drills. The 18K gold necklace, called Hatton Tom Foolery, was commissioned by an anonymous “well known Hatton Garden jeweler,” said Bruce, who added that the piece is also available in silver.

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Indian Diamond Tycoon Hosts Mass Wedding For 151 Couples

Mahesh Savani, a Gujarat-based diamond trader who has been paying for the weddings of fatherless women in Surat for several years, hosted the nuptials for 151 young couples. Savani has played the part of father of the bride for women whose fathers have died since 2008 when one of his employees died a few days before the weddings of his two daughters, according to reports in the Indian media. He gave each of the brides gold jewelry, clothes, and pots and pans to set up her new home, the report added.

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