Board Elections At Antwerp World Diamond Centre: New Members Are Known

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Election fever has been peaking the past few days in Antwerp. On June 17 and 18, voters from across the Antwerp diamond industry were able to cast their votes for their favorite candidates for the new Board of Directors of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). During these elections, it is the 6 directors representing the trade who are elected. Over 1309 votes where submitted, a record turnout according to the AWDC. In the meantime, the votes are counted and the winners of these important elections are known.

The six candidates with the highest number of votes are:

1. Isi Mörsel from Dali Diamonds Company
2. Ravi Bhansali from Rosy Blue
3. Hitesh Bhimjibhah Kakadiya from Sheetal Europe
4. Prakash Bhagwanbhai Patel from Veediam
5. Chirag Shailesh Shah from Yashvi Diamonds
6. Samir Sureshkumar Mehta from Snehdiam

These six elected candidates are representing the trade and will join the five current members of the Board of Directors of AWDC, which then will consist of a group of 11 members in total. Next to the six members representing the trade, there are three members representing the Bourses, one representative of industry and one independent director.
It is the responsibility of all these individuals to shape the future of Antwerp as one of the most important diamond trading centers in the world, according to the AWDC. The candidates have already indicated key priorities such as restoring Antwerp's reputation as a leading diamond trading center, ensuring transparent communication from the Board of Directors to all market participants in Antwerp, and continuing efforts to make business operations for diamond merchants straightforward and viable.

Now the six winners of the elections are known, the roles of president and vice president have yet to be decided. These positions will be determined at AWDC’s next Board of Directors meeting scheduled to take place in about two weeks.

In preparation of the elections and to make themselves known to their constituency, all candidates introduced themselves through a brief interview in which they explain where their priorities lie for the Antwerp diamond indsutry and how they plan to address them. All these interviews can be read here.