David Gotlib Re-Elected as Chairman of Antwerp Beurs Voor Diamanthandel

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The Antwerp Beurs Voor Diamanthandel has announced that David Gotlib has once again been re-elected as Chairman. The organization has been advocating for the promotion and protection of the interestes of its members and shareholders in the diamond sector in Antwerp since its inception in 1904.

The Bourse is governed by twelve board members, each elected for a four-year term. Half of the board is eligible for re-election every 2 years, which ensures continuity. The Board is led by an Executive Committee, composed of the President, Vice President and two Executive Directors. Board members are committed to the advancement of the diamond industry, the management of the Stock Exchange as an institution as well as a physical building.

The smooth functioning of the diamond trade is made possible by a multi-level dispute settlement, managed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Belgian Federation of Diamond Exchanges, based on internal regulations. These regulations and procedures are part of the framework of the wider procedures and dispute resolution under the auspices of the Belgian Federation of Diamond Exchanges.


Photo Credit: David Gotlib | LinkdIn Account