Boucheron Partners With Sarine Technologies For Fully-Traceable Bridal Jewellery Line

25/01/2022 19:35

Sarine Technologies announced the French High Jewelry Maison Boucheron is launching a new fully-traceable bridal jewelry line, Etoile de Paris, for which it has partnered with Sarine to provide Boucheron-branded digital diamond reports "powered by Sarine".

Via this co-branded, digital-only diamond report, a consumer gets comprehensive information about the journey of the diamond in the piece of jewelry they bought, from its natural rough form to the polished stone set into the final jewel. The report documents the mining and processing by Boucheron’s supply chain ecosystem, with a visual presentation of the diamond throughout the entire process enhancing the connection between the physical diamond and its digital representation. A detailed grading of the 4C’s, using Sarine’s artificial intelligence technology is also included. A sample of the report can be viewed here.