• On April first, Tiffany & Co. had us all fooled by introducing their new house color #TiffanyYellow, which garnered nearly half a million likes on Instagram. But was it a prank? Or was it all part of LVMH's rebranding strategy? A mere month later, Tiffany opened a pop-up store in Beverly Hills with everything — from furniture down to the shopping bags — glazed in a lemon yellow.

  • The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group (CTF) announced an exclusive strategic partnership to advocate the  “Natural Diamonds Dream”. The partnership aims to introduce Chinese consumers, especially the younger generation, to the value of diamonds and enhance their confidence and desire for the precious gem. 

  • Luxury male accessories are traditionally tie clips, cufflinks and belt buckles, or for those with a more edgy look, gothic rings or rapper-inspired chains. But for China’s growing segment of young, fashion-fluent men, those style conventions are not enough. Although in the West Millennials and Gen Zers associate diamonds with a romantic notion such as a proposal or marriage, Chinese consumers do not. In China the cultural detachment allows more young men to buy diamonds as a fashion statement instead.

  • The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) launched their Official Partner Program for jewelry retailers across the United States who seek to enhance diamond desirability with consumers. The program is part of Natural Diamond Councils' third phase, where they intend to create deeper connections with retailers globally.

  • In the last quarter of 2020, the Natural Diamond Council surveyed 5,000 respondents to better understand the desirability, perceived value, and shopping habits of American Millennials (25 – 39 y/o) and Generation Z (18 – 24 y/o). Together they represent 38% of the adult population and 60% of the demand for natural diamond jewelry. Within the next decade, their income is projected to rise by more than 70%.

  • In its first ever celebrity campaign, the Natural Diamond Council is featuring Ana de Armas, rising Hollywood star who recently was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Knives Out and starring in the upcoming No Time To Die Bond film. The new campaign will be released on September 20, during the virtual Emmy awards.

  • The organization formerly known as ‘Diamond Producers Association’, assembling the world's leading diamond mining companies and charged with the generic promotion of diamonds, today relaunched as the Natural Diamond Council (NDC).The NDC will continue the DPA's mandate to promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the diamond jewelry industry.

  • All this upheaval does make it a good time to rethink the storytelling behind diamonds, though. Coordinated marketing, once the industry’s go-to solution, will need to make a comeback as consumers emerge from the wreckage of coronavirus.  ... While the likes of De Beers and Alrosa PJSC may be reluctant to sponsor cash-strapped smaller rivals, it would be money well spent. Nearly seven decades after Marilyn Monroe’s immortal song, it's time for a new myth.

    Clara Ferreira Marques - Bloomberg

  • In his latest editorial, JCK editor-in-chief and industry expert Rob Bates makes a case for a ceasefire between the natural diamond industry and the lab-grown sector.

    In recent months the mudslinging back and forth between the two "intimately connected sectors" has reached new heights, which Bates believes will be negative in the long run for the entire industry, natural and LGD alike.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has announced that Jean-Marc Lieberherr has decided to step down from his role as CEO at the end of his current contract period on 31 December 2019. Lieberherr served a leading role at the DPA since it was formed in December 2015, initially as its first Chairman, then as its CEO. His replacement, David Kellie, who has held senior positions at Ralph Lauren and Watches of Switzerland, will join the organisation in December 2019.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has launched a new e-learning program for diamond retailers, entitled “Behind the Brilliance of Diamonds.” Developed to help all US retailers, the hour-long program - split into 3 informative modules – offers educational material and quizzes, going beyond the 4Cs to highlight the intangible value of natural diamonds. 

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) yesterday announced the third wave of the Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond campaign. Entitled ‘For Me, From Me’, the campaign is inspired by the natural diamond industry’s strongest growth engine, women self-purchase, which today represents one-third of all diamond jewelry sales in the US, a $43 billion diamond market that grew +4% in 2017, according to De Beers Group data. The $10 million–$15 million campaign will include digital, print, television, and out-of-home components. Its videos will debut during E!’s Oscar coverage on February 24.

  • In 2014, I wrote that the lab-grown diamond industry was out-promoting the natural. That is even more pronounced now. I don’t get many pitches from natural diamond companies. And some of the pitches I do get are kind of dull. By contrast, I get at least two or three pitches on lab-grown diamonds a week. My Facebook feed is inundated with ads for lab-grown companies. The man-made segment claims only a single-digit percentage of the market, but it appears to be doing an outsized percentage of the marketing ...

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has appointed Kristina Buckley Kayel (pictured) as the managing director of its North American division, it announced yesterday, January 3. Kayal will be responsible for developing and implementing the DPA’s consumer marketing and communications strategy, with a focus upon the “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond.” platform, as well as represent the DPA in local trades and organizations within North America. She will assumes her new role on February 4, 2019.

  • Looking towards 2019, independent diamond industry analyst and consultant Paul Zimnisky, who covers the natural and the lab-created diamond industry, has identified three themes that will likely shape the diamond industry, exclusively for The Diamond Loupe. View the pdf verison here.

  • ‘Conservation’, the first Diamonds Do Good video in the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F)’s new Real Stories, Real Diamonds, Real Impact campaign targeting Millennials, has apparently hit its mark. The one-minute video earned 11 million impressions in the first month alone, including 7 million views of at least :30 seconds, and 5 million views of the entire video.

  • The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) announced yesterday that ALROSA, the world's largest producer of rough diamonds, will participate in the Institute's M2M (Mines to Market) program, its "new digital storytelling platform". GIA's M2M is a digital platform that brings together the Institute's unique ability to scientifically match rough diamonds to the resulting polished gems with information from each step in the value chain, enabling it to tell the compelling story of a diamond's journey.

  • Jewelers of America (JA), an industry trade association, is aiming to launch a category jewelry advertising campaign in 2019. The initiative, said to be by the industry and catalyzed by requests from the industry, is intended to benefit the entire jewelry industry by "branding and promoting the unique and emotional aspects of jewelry purchase and ownership versus other disposable income purchases," said JA in a statement.

  • RZ Murowa Holdings Ltd. (RZM), majority owner and operator of Murowa Diamonds, has joined the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), making it the eighth diamond mining company, and first new member, to join the DPA since it's launch in 2015. The DPA was created in 2015 to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds. Murowa Diamonds operates the Murowa mine in Zimbabwe, which was purchased from Rio Tinto in 2015 and expanded significantly under its new leadership. Manit M.

  • Jean-Marc Lieberherr, CEO of the diamond marketing organization Diamond Producers Association (DPA), spoke with Melissa Smet of De Belgische Diamantnijverheid, the quarterly magazine of the Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry (SBD), about the mission, current progress and future plans of the DPA, as well as some key industry issues. The DPA set up shop and was launched in 2016, but their first real year of investment was 2017, and they invested about $57 million on generic marketing.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has appointed Grant Mobley as US Trade Director. Mobley, a diamonds graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, joins the DPA with over 13 years of experience in the jewelry industry, most recently as the lead of sales for Pluczenik Diamond Company, a world leading diamond sightholder and manufacturer. Has worked in a wide range of fields including retail, manufacturing, and sourcing. In his newly created role, Mobley will lead the organization’s trade relations in the U.S.

  • Real is a Diamond partnered with The NBCU Content Studio on new custom video content launching during the live on-air and digital broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. “The Making of a Gem” video shorts were developed to showcase the striking similarities between the unique journey of an athlete on the rise, and a diamond - tapping into the emotional context of a diamond’s symbolic meaning.

  • Rapaport’s Sarah Jordan lists five common misconceptions about the diamond industry and lets industry experts explain the difference between myth and reality.

    Myth: Customers are significantly at risk of buying a conflict diamond
    Reality: The Kimberley Process alongside a multitude of legislation and self-regulation are a guarantee that 99.8% of diamonds are conflict-free.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) launched its new “Real is Rare” advertising last night (Nov. 16) on the 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on Univision. The second phase of trhe campaign focuses on real, intimate moments within relationships. “The Reveal” is one of two new videos presenting a modern take on love and diamonds.

  • I’m not here to throw mud at the Diamond Producers Association or its efforts. What they do is great and very much needed. However, I do want to suggest that we need to go beyond general promotion. The augmenting campaigns, those that create a specific desire followed by a specific action, is the kind of marketing we are missing today.

    - Edahn Golan highlights need for diamond marketing, wonders if DPA getting consumers into stores.

  • KRC Research conducted an online survey on behalf of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) regarding US millennial women’s views on luxury goods. The results highlighted three major trends: Long term value both financially and emotionally, Pride in legitimacy of the goods purchased and the expression of self-confidence.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) on June 6 debuted at JCK Las Vegas a print, out-of-home, and digital display campaign extension, complementing the successful “Real Is Rare” TV and digital videos that were released in October 2016. Starting in July, the new ads will appear in weekly and monthly magazines across several verticals, including bridal, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) announced on Sunday at the JCK Las Vegas show that their 2017 full-year marketing investment will increase to $57 million from approximately $12 million following the success of the 2016 campaign. This will enable the diamond marketing body to expand its multichannel advertising, PR and digital campaigns as well as continue rolling out the campaign to India.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) announced their intention to spur demand in the third largest diamond market, India, by launching their “Real is Rare” slogan in September. The DPA - an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies whose mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds, and the diamond industry - initially launched its “Real is Rare” campaign in the U.S. in 2016.

  • Authentic advertising campaigns are the next Big thing when targeting millennials, who prefer seeing real people facing situations they could identify with. This strategy is quickly gaining popularity with leading brands in their attempt to reach the everyday consumer, who is more laid-back than previous generations. Italian Jeweler Pomellato, celebrating its 50th anniversary, implemented this tactic and linked their campaign with female empowerment, a movement that is being encouraged through various platforms.

  • The Academy Awards taking place tonight are not only Hollywood cinema's biggest night of the year, but are also one of the most pivotal annual events for fashion, brands and iconic jewelry.

  • Russian mining giant ALROSA is stepping up its marketing game beyond its contributions to the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), we were told this past Wednesday at ALROSA Night - a joint initiative between the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and ALROSA at the Belgian Ambassador's Residence in Moscow.

  • Since the real (forgive the pun) possibility of cultured diamonds being produced economically in volume started to become apparent, the industry has reacted with a completely closed mind ... The good news is that the woeful performance of polished diamonds is at least forcing some people to think, but thinking in the same old box is not going to do much good. Nothing is being aggressively promoted by the industry about the enormous benefits [created by] the vast majority of natural diamond mining, the jobs and wealth it creates in often very impoverished areas of the world.

  • According to Thomas Biesheuvel of Bloomberg, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) - an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies whose mission is to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds, and of the diamond industry - will ask its backers to raise its budget to as much as $60 million a year. DPA chief executive officer Jean-Marc Lieberherr declined to comment on the article.

  • From De Beers' press release: Speaking at a reception for customers of its Global Sightholder Sales business during the first Sight of 2017, Bruce Cleaver, De Beers Group CEO, today highlighted the importance of all parts of the diamond sector working together, following the unpredictable events of a volatile year in 2016.

  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has enlisted American rapper, actor, comedian, entrepreneur and record producer Nick Cannon to find contemporary answers to the question implied in "Why Real is Rare": a short docu-film which is the latest iteration of the DPA's "Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond" campaign. The film explores how and when couples realize their connection has become a commitment. What makes finding the real thing so rare among couples in contemporary culture?

  • The highly anticipated launch of the Diamond Producers Association's "Real is rare. Real is a diamond" category marketing campaign is finally a fait accompli. Two intense ads featuring young couples will air on broadcast television and various digital platforms such as Hulu alongside a social media push. The Diamond Producers Association has also planned a major public relations initiative in its efforts to reintroduce young Americans to the appeal of a real diamond.

  • - Diamond Producer's Association announces Real is Rare. Real is A Diamond in Antwerp. Keep an eye out for launch of first category marketing campaign for diamonds in more than a decade, Oct. 5 in NY.

  • India’s Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), together with De Beers, have launched a generic diamond promotion campaign specifically for the Indian market - previously announced at the 2016 India International Jewellery Show last August. "The campaign is targeted at the intra-family gift-giving market and is intended to get the Indian diamond industry’s static inventory of star- and melee-sized diamonds (between 0.01 and 0.06 carats) moving again.

  • In his latest contribution to the diamond debate, "Diamond Trade a Medical Diagnosis: Self-Destructive" Melvin Moss, president at Regal Imports Ltd, argues for a unified marketing strategy - together with a standardized grading system - to benefit all in the diamond value chain. Currently, the situation is one where each company is promoting its own brand, thereby working against the interests of the diamond industry as a whole. "The multitude of new proprietary brands ... are making generic diamond marketing complicated.