WJI2030 Unveils Nature Roadmap at JCK to Combat Nature Crisis

04/06/2024 16:11

At the JCK Las Vegas Sustainability Summit, the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030) launched the Nature Roadmap, a framework designed to guide the global watch and jewellery industry in addressing the biodiversity crisis. The roadmap outlines essential steps: Assess, Commit, Transform, and Disclose.

Developed with industry and biodiversity experts, the Nature Roadmap provides actionable guidance for integrating biodiversity into business strategies. As companies depend on natural resources and ecosystem services, understanding the relationship between business operations and biodiversity is crucial. As a living document, it will evolve to stay relevant and effective.

The urgency is clear: the world is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate, exacerbated by climate change and ecosystem degradation. The watch and jewellery sector faces significant challenges, including extractive mining, chemical processes, and water usage. The pressing question is how a single company can reverse biodiversity loss and foster regeneration for future resilience.

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer at Kering, emphasized, "Businesses can significantly contribute to positive impacts on nature and climate. The growing awareness and prioritization of nature in the international community highlight the immense potential for businesses to accelerate and scale systemic changes for greater resilience."

Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director and Secretary General of WJI 2030, added, "Our mission, aligned with the Convention on Biological Diversity's call to 'Be part of the plan,' is to foster strong relationships across industries, share knowledge, and take collective action. WJI 2030 is committed to supporting its members and the broader industry in transforming from depleting to restoring nature."

The Nature Roadmap offers practical tools and insights for integrating biodiversity into business strategies, creating value for both companies and the environment. It will undergo continuous expert consultation to improve and adapt to industry needs.


Photo credit: WJI2030