3 Diamonds Fetch $10.5 Million at Lucapa Tender

Rough Market
22/04/2024 11:28

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company announced that three exceptional diamonds achieved US$10.5 million at the first tender of Lulo diamonds for 2024.

"An average price per carat of US$29,000 for the parcel is further proof that the high-end sector of the diamond market continues to be buoyant," said Lucapa CEO and Managing Director Nick Selby. The tender was conducted by SODIAM E.P. in Luanda, Angola, and featured three special-sized diamonds weighing 361 carats. The parcel was recovered from the Lulo alluvial mine and consisted of three Type IIa diamonds weighing 42 carats, 116 carats, and 203 carats respectively.


Image: Lucapa Diamond Company