Mountain Province Finds New Kimberlite Around Gahcho Kue Mine

Mining and Exploration

Mountain Province Diamonds has found new kimberlite on the claims and leases surrounding the existing Gaucho Kué mining operation in the Northwest Territories. The new KE kimberlite “is a distinct occurrence that is located about 450metres east of the Kelvin kimberlite,” the Toronto-based miner said on Wednesday. Further drilling of the KE kimberlite is planned for the 2023 exploration program, Mountain Province said. The mine is slated to operate until 2028.
Gahcho Kué is a joint venture between Mountain Province holding a 49% stake and De Beers Group, which owns 51%.

Highlights of the 2022 Kennady North Exploration Program:

The new KE kimberlite area discovered

• Defined by three drillholes that have confirmed a series of hypabyssal kimberlite sheets ('HK') with a maximum HK intersect of 2.13 meters, that appear to be new and distinct from the nearby Kelvin deposit


Over 5,000m of Exploration Drilling

• 25 of 35 exploration drillholes intersected kimberlite
• Eight volcaniclastic kimberlite intersections on the North Anomaly


Kimberlite indicator Minerals

• Over 600 strategic till samples processed and assessed from 2021
• Over 300 follow-ups till samples in 2022 confirming the 2021 sampling strategies
• Positive KIM dispersals identified new areas for geophysics and drilling

Source: MPD
Photo Credit: MPD