Signet Adds LGD Value Warning to Receipts

13/06/2024 07:29

According to the New York Post, jewellery retail giant Signet, started printing a buyer's warning on all of its Labgrown Diamond sales. The statement reads "Lab-created diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. However, because lab-created diamonds can be produced in abundance, they are less expensive and make larger diamonds more affordable. Their relative abundance may not ensure the value will hold over time." Signet recently announced a marketing collaboration with De Beers focused on promoting natural diamonds, while De Beers, which is to be spun off by parent Anglo America, announced earlier that it is cutting Lightbox pricing and more recently, that it will stop producing its Lightbox LGD altogether, in a company overhaul that aims to put natural diamonds front and center. 

Photo credit: Envato Elements (edited)