Jewelers Report Sales Increases in March

26/04/2024 09:36

In the the latest Monthly Sales Survey, conducted by Instore Magazine,  146 jewelers were asked to compare their March sales with those of the same month last year. While some businesses experienced significant gains, others faced challenges. Here's a breakdown of the key findings:


Sales Performance Overview:

  • Positive Trends: Approximately 40% of surveyed jewelers reported sales increases compared to March 2023.
  • Stable Performance: Nearly a third of respondents (29%) noted that their sales remained consistent with the previous year.
  • Declines: However, there were also challenges, with 21% of respondents witnessing a decrease in sales, and 10% experiencing significant drops of 25% or more.


  • Gold bands and chains maintained their popularity.
  • Bespoke pieces and repairs were a significant source of revenue for many.
  • Some jewelers reported selling more natural center stone diamonds than synthetic or laboratory-grown centers for the first time in years.
  • Certain brands catered specifically to the self-purchasing segment, clients who purchase luxury products for themselves. Strong demand for wedding bands.
  • Unique offerings such as watermelon tourmaline and other gemstones attracted consumer interest.
  • Targeted in-store events, such as showcases, attributed to a growth in sales.

March's sales performance in the jewelry industry exhibited a mix of positive growth, stability, and challenges. Brands that offered customization, unique designs, and targeted events stood out, while the resurgence of gold and the self-purchasing trend were notable highlights shaping consumer preferences.


About the survey: The Brain Squad is INSTORE’s monthly survey panel, which is made up of owners and top managers of jewelry retail businesses across the United States.


Photo credit: Unsplash