Signet Jewelers Seeks to Standardize Diamond Screening Machines

Signet Jewelers, as part of its effort to support and reinforce its Responsible Sourcing Protocol for Diamonds (D-SRSP), has been working on a project with product-testing firm United Laboratories and the Diamond Producers Association to create a facility for testing synthetic diamond screening equipment, writes Rapaport News.

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Martin Rapaport Sends Sparks Flying at GJEPC’s “Mines to Market" Conference

"Martin Rapaport, chairman of the Rapaport Group, called on India to show reciprocity in its trade relationship with the United States," writes eponymous Rapaport News of their founder's “State of Diamond Industry” presentation at GJEPC's "Mines to Market" conference yesterday, marking 50 years of India’s Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

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India’s Polished Diamond Exports On The Rise in February

India's polished diamond trade appears to making a solid recovery as it gains distance on November's demonitization shock. The country exported $2.41 billion of cut and polished diamonds in February 2017, a rise of 3.27% as compared to the $2.34 bn in the same month a year earlier, according to provisional data released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). More telling, however, is that February exports increased 49% over January 2017 ($1.6b) and were 63% higher than December 2016 (1.48b).

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Sotheby's to Auction 'Pink Star': 60-Carat Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink

Hong Kong Trade Fairs Totaled 85K Visitors, Diamond Traders Optimistic

The fourth Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show (28 February-4 March) and the 34th Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (2-6 March) featured about 4,480 exhibitors, and attracted over 85,000 buyers from 144 countries and regions, up six percent over last year, according to organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). More than 33,000 buyers visited the Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, while some 52,000 visitors attended the Jewellery Show. “Despite economic challenges, especially in the luxury goods market, the two shows attracted a record number of buyers.

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Paul Zimnisky's Overview of Diamond Industry, 2016 Through Early 2017

Diamond industry analyst and author of the Zimnisky Global Rough Diamond Price Index, Paul Zimnisky, takes us on, "A Trip Through the Diamond Industry in March 2017." If there is one trip you make this weekend, we recommend this one.

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Antwerp Rough Diamond Trade Continues Steady Climb in Feb., Polished Hopeful in Hong Kong

Antwerp's rough diamond trade continued its steady climb in the month of February, as the volume of rough exports from Antwerp increased 17% from January, while imports increased over 23% compared to the month before, according to figures from Antwerp World Diamond Centre. The value of those exports reflected the lower-priced nature of the goods, as the dollar value of rough exports only increased 6%, while the value of rough imports actually fell 5% despite the increases in volume.

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Polished Diamond Prices Start Soft in 2017, Inventories Up, All Eyes on Hong Kong

Polished diamond prices are still soft at the start of 2017, with Rapaport's RapNet Diamond Index showing prices for the benchmark 1-carat polished diamonds down 1.2%, a trend confirmed by PolishedPrices, while IDEX noted a slight rise in February despite, "the downward path seen from mid-2016." Rapaport writes, "Diamond trading this February was slower than in previous years, with buyers pushing for deeper discounts and suppliers expecting firmer pric

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ALROSA Earns $21.8 Million at Special (10.8 Carat+) Diamond Auction

According to a press release, ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond producer by volume, reported the results of the international diamond auction, which took place in the Sixth International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI), offering for sale special-size natural rough diamonds (10.8-ct+) , as well as polished goods. The company sold 105 lots of rough and polished diamonds worth $21.8 million during the trading session held on 13-16 February, 2017 in the City of Ramat Gan, Israel. The auction was attended by 119 buyers from 30 countries.

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TEDx Tech Talk: Turning Diamonds Into an Asset Class

Joseph Lipton, inventor and CEO of VULT - a digital diamond exchange platform seeking to turn diamonds into a true tangible asset class - presented his cutting-edge ideas about the future of global wealth at a very special TEDxFultonStreet Salon about “Things You Can’t Have” with other thought leaders in NYC.


AWDC's Antwerp Diamond Pavilion Kicks Off 2017 with 83 Companies at Hong Kong Show

The Antwerp diamond industry is readying to send a large delegation to the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show next week, February 28 - March 4. The Antwerp Diamond Pavilion, organized by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), will host over 80 companies and occupy nearly 1,200 square meters of the Diamond Hall at the AsiaWorld-Expo. As an additional feature this year, exhibitors at the Antwerp Diamond Pavilion will have the opportunity to screen their diamond parcels using HRD Antwerp's

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Low-Value Rough Diamond Imports to India Surge in Jan., Polished Exports Up

As we noted two weeks ago, word from De Beers and ALROSA was that the sharp decline in low-quality, low-value stones destined for India has abated as the country's cash situation stabilizes post-demonitization, and India's official January trade figures bear this out. The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) reports that the volume of rough diamond imports during the month increased 41% over December 2016 and a full 79% since November 2016 when demonitization was introduced.

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ALROSA Stepping Up Diamond Branding & Marketing Efforts

Russian mining giant ALROSA is stepping up its marketing game beyond its contributions to the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), we were told this past Wednesday at ALROSA Night - a joint initiative between the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and ALROSA at the Belgian Ambassador's Residence in Moscow.

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Antwerp Rough Diamond Trade Buoyant In New Year, Mixed Polished Results

Antwerp's rough diamond trade surged again in the month of January, as the dollar value of rough exports from the diamond capital rose 30% while imports kept pace with a 31% increase compared to the same period in a year ago, according to figures from Antwerp World Diamond Centre. Volumes were up as well, with Antwerp exporting nearly 18% more carats than in January 2016, while rough imports increased by 36%.

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Jewelers Board of Trade: 50% Rise in U.S. Jewelry Business Closures in 2016

"Last year, 1,669 jewelry businesses (including manufacturers and wholesalers) ceased operations in the United States, a 50 percent jump from 2015, according to the Jewelers Board of Trade", writes JCK's Rob Bates. In total, the number of jewelry businesses fell by 6%. He notes that a surprisingly large number of businesses closed their doors in the fourth quarter, traditionally a time when the trade is in full swing. Bates provides the gory details: 1,269 U.S.

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Luxury Must Transcend Price: On the Dilemma of Diamond Value Proposition

Canadian jeweler and diamond industry analyst Mel Moss explores a core dilemma concerning the value proposition of diamonds. It is a dlemma the diamond industry has yet to resolve, leading to confusion and false expectations among consumers: how can a diamond be presented both as a luxury product and a price-based commodity? "Some in the diamond industry are pushing hard to promote generic diamonds as a commodity that can be traded transparently in futures markets, commodity exchanges and as a wealth preservation asset", writes Moss.

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Rapaport: Soft Polished Diamond Prices as Rough Market Surges

Citing data from its RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI), Rapaport News writes, "Diamond manufacturing profits were squeezed in January amid strong rough demand while polished prices softened." Despite a disappointing holiday season, demand of rough is strong as jewelers will need to restock after the holiday season. This is demonstrated by De Beers' First Cycle sales of $720 million, its largest sight since July 2014.

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Antwerp Diamond Trade Grows 5% in 2016 After Difficult 2015

After a difficult 2015, the Antwerp diamond industry recorded a 5% increase in trade in 2016, according to a press release from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). This past year, a total of 48 billion USD worth of diamonds were imported to and exported from Antwerp. "The rough diamond market in particular is clearly making a strong recovery. This is positive sign, given that the rough diamond trade is the foundation and heart of the diamond trade.

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GJEPC Chair Expects 10% Growth of Jewelry, Diamond Exports

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) Chairman Praveen Shankar Pandya told the Press Trust of India he expects gem and jewellery exports to likely witness growth of about 10 percent this fiscal year due to increasing demand in the US and Europe. "We are seeing the markets improve slowly, especially US and Europe to some extent. Looking at the growth in demand in these markets, we are expecting close to 10 per cent growth in the gems and jewellery exports led by polished diamonds," said Pandya.

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India's December Polished Diamond Exports Rebound from Disastrous November

India's polished diamond exports were sailing along quite nicely in 2016, having put the significant downturn of 2015 squarely behind and having nearly returned to 2014 and 2013 levels, until the bottom fell out in November as exports dropped 53% from $2.52 billion in October to $1.18 billion in November. According to statistics from the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), polished exports bounced back in December, increasing 25% from November to reach $1.48 billion, but does not indicate a full return to health.

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Investors Fuel Demand for Colored Diamonds

High price purchases of 'fancy colored' diamonds, once the almost exclusive domain of collectors and connoisseurs, have become more commonplace in recent years, writes The Wall Street Jounal, as investors seek to take advantage of soaring appreciation of these rarest of stones. "Prices are being driven higher by investors who are hoping the hot market stays hot, many of whom have been disappointed by returns from other assets, say industry insiders. Over almost eight years, from the start of 2009 to Sept.

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IDE To Launch International Tender Centre

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has announced they will open a new International Tender Centre in February during their International Diamond Week in Israel. The IDE will host three tenders of rough and polished diamond by Alrosa, I.Henning and Koin. The establishing of this Centre is an attempt to consolidate as many tenders as possible under one roof.

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Transforming The Diamond Industry: Analysis of Recent Changes and Challenges

Diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky, in his most recent article "A New Diamond Industry", analyzes three significant changes - and the catalysts for those changes - that have been reshaping the diamond industry in recent years: 1) a new operating discipline, 2) a new generation of consumers, and 3) new technology.

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Israel’s Polished Diamond Exports Fall 6.4% in 2016

Citing figures from Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry, Rapaport News writes that Israel’s polished diamond exports declined in 2016: exports of polished dropped 6.4 percent to $4.68 billion during the year; Exports to the U.S., Israel's largest trade partner, slid 9 percent to $2 billion, while shipments to Hong Kong fell 8 percent to $1.35 billion. Orders from Belgium slumped 16 percent to $349 million. Polished imports fell 6 percent to $3.28 billion. Meanwhile, rough imports increased 17 percent to $3.25 billion, while rough exports rose 23 percent to $2.7 billion.

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India's Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council the First Non-Bourse to Join WFDB

India's Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has become a full member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), marking the first time a non-bourse organizaion has been admitted as a full member of the global diamond organisation, finalizing last week's announcement.


Rapaport: Polished Diamond Prices Fell in 2016 Under Impact of India Cash Crisis

According to a Rapaport press release: Polished diamond prices softened in December as Indian liquidity dried up due to the government’s demonetization policy eliminating 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. Trading slowed with dealers taking vacation during the holiday period,"  The RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1-carat, RapSpec A3+ diamonds fell 1.3% in December. RAPI for 0.30-carat diamonds edged up 0.2%, while RAPI for 0.50-carat stones fell 2.2%. RAPI for 3-carat diamonds slid 1%. RAPI for 1-carat diamonds declined 3% in the fourth quarter and 5% for the full year.

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ALROSA To Auction Rough & Polished Diamonds Over 10 Carats at Israel’s Internat’l Diamond Week

According to a press release from the Israeli Diamond Industry: Alrosa will hold a tender of both polished and rough diamonds during Israel’s sixth International Diamond Week (IDWI), February 13 – 16, 2017 at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE.) The auction will offer 108 boxes of rough diamonds of 11 to 199 carats, and several unique white and fancy color polished diamonds, weighing from 10 to 80 ct, including five that were cut from one huge rough stone.

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India’s Nov. Polished Diamond Exports Fall 53% From Oct., -10% vs 2015

According to provisional data provided by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), India’s November polished diamond exports fell 53% in value from total exports in October, from $2.52b to $1.18b, and declined 10% year-over-year for November. In terms of volume, polished exports fell 51.5% from 3.3 million carats to 1.6 million carats compared to October.


The Secret 228ct. Harrods Diamond

Harrods, the luxury department store in Knightsbridge, unveiled a hidden treasure, a 228.31-carat diamond. The pear-shape diamond has been graded a G color, VS1-clarity stone by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Chief merchant at Harrods, Helen David, said: “We are thrilled to unveil one of the world’s rarest diamonds, the so-called 'Harrods Diamond', named after the iconic Knightsbridge store."  


Antwerp Diamond Organizations AWDC and HRD Antwerp On Mission to Seoul

From 11 through 14 December, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and HRD Antwerp are participating in the City of Antwerp's economic mission to Seoul, South Korea, after which it heads to Shanghai. Highlights of the trip to Seoul include HRD Antwerp's announcement it will be offering bilingual diamond grading reports as of February 1, 2017, with the first reports available in English/Korean and English/Chinese. HRD Antwerp will gradually offer bilingual grading reports in other foreign languages over the course of the next year.


De Beers Invests Another $5M in Diamond Grading & Testing in India

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of The De Beers Group of Companies, has unveiled a US$5 million expansion of its diamond grading and testing centre in Surat, India. The move follows the Group’s initial investment of US$10 million in 2015 to establish the facility, which has the capacity to process over US$500 million of diamonds every year.


Rock-Solid November Solidifies Strong Year for Antwerp Rough Diamond Trade

Antwerp's rough diamond trade surged again in the month of November, as the dollar value of rough imports to and exports from the diamond capital rose 60% and 63% respectively compared to the same period in a year ago, according to figures from Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). These figures essentially seal the positive verdict on Antwerp’s 2016 rough trade, as rough exports for the year (January through November) have risen nearly 10% in carat volume and 11.50% in value; rough imports fared just as well, recording a 10.40% increase in volume and a 10% increase in value.

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ABN AMRO's Diamond Market Outlook: Diamond Trade Has Turned the Corner

The diamond market has been going through difficult times for a while now, but diamond trade data paint a far more optimistic picture than in June, signalling that trade has turned the corner, writes Georgette Boele of ABN Amro in their "Insights" report. Back in June when ABN last published their diamond insights report, Boele still doubted if global diamond trade would improve, but trade data have clearly improved in all centres, most noticeably in Antwerp, Israel and India.

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Indian Cash Crisis Not Expected to Hurt Diamond Exports

Small and medium diamond traders in Surat, the world's largest diamond cutting and polishing center, are facing difficult days due to the cash crisis and the government's demonetization decision.


Rare Diamond House – Antwerp Exclusive Supplier for Boehmer et Bassenge’s Magnificent Jewels

Rare Diamond House – Antwerp (RDH) holds the world’s largest selection of investment grade D Flawless diamonds of 10 carats and up. Since 2008, RDH has been involved in buying, selling or valuing the majority of diamonds of this caliber that have appeared at auction.


Shrenuj Botswana Closes Shop, 300 Jobs Lost

Botswana's diamond cutting industry faces another blow as more jobs are lost due to the fact India based Shrenuj, one of the largest diamond cutting and the single jewelry manufacturing facility in the country, is closing shop. Parent company Shrenuj & C° has been troubled by financial woes over the past months, with reports claiming some 20 Indian banks are said to have exposure to the groups entities amounting to US$450 million which Shrenuj is failing to pay back.

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Delegation of Chinese Jewelers Visits Antwerp Diamond Industry

For the past three days a delegation of 21 leading jewelers from China, who collectively represent more than 8,000 points-of-sale, have been getting acquainted with the Antwerp diamond industry. The visit took place in the framework of a new initiative by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the “Antwerp Diamond Experience”, intended to provide groups of foreign jewelers, wholesalers and manufacturers inside access to the world’s diamond capital. Seeing as how China is currently the second largest jewelry market following the United States, this served as an incredible opportunity.


Courting Catastrophe: Tulip Mania and Diamond Mania

Two investment bubbles, 340 years apart, provide living proof of Edmund Burke’s famous observation that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Rough diamond broker and founder and president of N.Rothmann, Nurit Rothmann recounts the history of two remarkably similar speculative bubbles: the spectactular rise and sudden collapse of the tulip market in 1637 and the rough diamond market in the late 1970's and early '80s. Reprinted here by special arrangement.   

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Indian Diamond Trade Continues Positive Trend in October

India's diamond industry continued in October its strong recovery set forth the first half (April - September) of 2016, as preparations for the Diwali holiday season had a positive effect on the month prior to the holiday recess, and the upheaval of the government's demonitization policy had yet to be unleashed.

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ALROSA Sells $430.8 Million in Rough Diamonds, $8.2M in Polished in October

ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, has announced rough and polished diamond sales results for October 2016. Rough diamond sales in October 2016 amounted to USD 430.8 million. Polished diamond sales for the same period amounted to USD 8.2 million. Total diamond sales in October 2016 amounted to USD 439 million. “Demand remained strong in October even on the threshold of the holiday season during the celebration of Diwali in India-–the largest cutting and polishing center,” says Yury Okoemov, ALROSA Vice President.

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Sarine Announces Innovations in Automated Diamond Clarity and Color Grading

Diamond manufacturing technology company Sarine Technologies announced in a press release the unveiling of it, "new groundbreaking technology for clarity and color grading", which it claims, "will revolutionize the way the diamond industry and consumers perceive clarity grading, and transform the polished sourcing and sorting process ... Technological standardization translates into greater credibility for the industry and increased trust for the diamond consumer." They say while carat size has traditionally been the only objectively measurable factor of the 4C’s in diamond grading, Sarine


Antwerp Diamond Trade Sees Imports Rise, Exports Slow in October

According to figures released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the volume of rough as well as polished imports to the diamond capital rose during the month of October compared to the same period in a year ago, while exports of both categories slowed. Rough imports increased nearly 11% in volume to 8.4 million carats, representing the highest volume of October rough imports since 2012, though the value of those imports fell 7% to $900 million.

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U.S. Polished Diamond Imports Gain 33% in Value Over September 2015

According to Rapaport News as gathered from U.S. Census Bureau data, U.S. polished diamond imports surged 33% to $2.18 billion in September. In terms of volume, imports rose 7% when compared to September 2015, with 988,097 carats being traded.


Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender Achieves Record Average Price Per Carat

According to a company press release, Rio Tinto’s 2016 Pink Diamonds Tender collection of 63 rare pink, red and violet diamonds from its Argyle mine has delivered a record result, reflecting strong global demand for these increasingly rare diamonds. Known as The Chroma Collection, the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender comprised the highest quality, size and colour composition in the Tender’s 32 year history and was highly sought after, with winners from 10 countries including a strong representation from the sophisticated US collector market.


Clarification of Opinion Suggesting Equal Price For Small Natural & Synthetic Diamonds

Two weeks ago, IDEX Online published an opinion piece by Thierry Silber, CEO and founder of Diamaz International and Madestones, entitled "How to Kill Four Birds With One Stone". Here Silber makes the following proposal on the way to tackle the heated issue of undisclosed mixing of natural and synthetic diamonds: "Why not remove the mixing issue by selling both types of smaller diamonds at the same price up to a certain size?" The main problem as he sees it is the cost of detection involved in screening for synthetic diamonds, particularly for smaller manufacturers.

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De Beers Auction Sales Launches B2B Pilot for Polished Diamonds

The De Beers Group of Companies has announced that its Auction Sales business will offer midstream diamond companies the opportunity to sell certain types of polished diamonds to other trade participants on its auction platform, the company writes in a press release. The new limited scope, business-to-business pilot is an extension of the service for rough diamonds that was launched earlier this year. It follows existing customer demand for an equivalent service for their polished diamonds.


Polished Diamond Prices Fall in October

According to polishedprices, the polished diamond price index slumped to its lowest level since March 2010, while Rapaport writes that its polished price index dropped 4.3% in the first ten months of the year. Both index leaders view the Chinese, Jewish and Indian holidays as exerting downward pressure on the markets in October, with this week's traditional slowing coming ahead of the Diwali holidays. Rapaport also says that, "Trading slowed as larger U.S.


Market Overview of US Diamond Purchasing Trends by Edahn Golan

Diamond industry analyst Edahn Golan takes a close look at US consumers' polished diamond purchasing trends based on data that retail metrics research firm NPD collected from nearly 4,000 specialty jewelry retailers. Golan says that, "One of the biggest issues in the diamond industry, especially in the manufacturing sector, is a lack of impartial and detailed data about consumer purchasing habits.

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Graff Unveils Largest D Flawless Heart-Shaped Diamond Ever

Graff Diamonds unveiled “The Graff Venus”, calling it, "The largest D flawless heart-shaped diamond in the world." They say it took 18 months for Graff's master craftsmen to analyse, cut and polish the magnificent type IIa 118.78-carat diamond from a 357-carat rough diamond discovered in 2015 at the Letšeng Mine in Lesotho - operated by Gem Diamonds. Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds said, "We were given a once in a lifetime opportunity and we created absoulute perfection."


Anyone telling you that lab created diamonds are cheaper [than natural] is straight out lying (they just use weaker certificates to make inflated quality claims; the oldest scam in the book) ... You shouldn’t ignore value entirely. Say an average natural diamond retains roughly 50% of its value after purchase. Eventually the value of the diamond will rise, so if you ever try to sell it, you should be getting at least half (or possibly much more) of the original purchase price. Lab-created synthetic diamonds have no resale value. So, from a value perspective, you would need to buy the lab-created diamond at a massive discount to justify giving up the value retention of natural diamonds ... The companies selling lab-grown diamonds claim that their diamonds are 30-40% cheaper. That is an outright lie. So If you are planning on buying a diamond and looking to get the best bang for your buck, natural diamonds are a far better choice than man-made diamonds.

- The Diamond Pro, on the losing value proposition of synthetic diamonds.

Construction of Surat Diamond Bourse Commences

Gujarat chief minister Vijaybhai Rupani on Sunday laid the foundation stone for the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB), saying it would put the city and the state on the map of world. "With this complex becoming operational, Surat will find its place among the world diamond trading hubs. This will boost the trade prospects for diamond traders from Surat," said Rupani. SDB is a company floated by diamond barons who plan to invest Rs1.25 trillion to establish it over a period of four years.

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Graff Transforms Lucara's 336-ct Rough into 52.41-ct Polished Diamond


India's Polished Diamond Exports Rise 11%, Rough Imports Up 27% in H1 2017.

India's exports of cut and polished diamonds trended upward during the first six months (April-September 2016) of fiscal year 2017, rising by 10.71% to $11.20 bn, according to the provisional data released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). During the fiscal year to date, imports of rough diamonds rose to $8.85 bn, an increase of 27.20%.

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US Jeweler Helzberg Diamonds Abandons Synthetics Experiment

JCK's Rob Bates writes that one of the largest remaining specialty jewelry chains in the US, Helzberg Diamonds, will no longer carry synthetic diamonds. "Last year," writes Bates, "Helzberg Diamonds’ experimented with stocking lab-grown diamonds. It was the largest jewelry retailer to do so.


India's Dharmanandan Diamonds Holds First Online Auction on New Platform

Dharmanandan Diamonds (DDPL), a De Beers sightholder company, has become first to launch an online auction platform - the Diamond Carnival - for polished diamonds, writes The Times of India. Available for clients in India and abroad, the new monthly auction platform is accessible through the Internet as well as iOS mobile applications. The first auction in the series on the new platform opened at 12:00 PM on October 17 and will be live for three days, the company said in a release.


Making Sure Your Diamond Is Natural And Ethical

Wedding planner website The Knot asks a common question to diamond ring purchasers: “How can you be sure your stone is conflict-free?” The fact that this question is still a concern to consumers even today, when ‘conflict diamonds’ have been all but eliminated from the supply chain, points to a misconception that most, if not all natural diamonds are considered conflict diamonds. But what exactly is a ‘conflict diamond’? Why do people still hold to the misconception that there is a great risk of buying them? And what steps can consumers take to be absolutely certain?

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Polished Diamond Prices Halt Decline in September

According to diamond pricing giant Rapaport, "Diamond markets were steady in September. The polished market was supported by relatively high rough prices as suppliers held polished prices firm, preferring to delay sales rather than suffer losses from expensive rough." The RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for one-carat, GIA-graded polished diamonds declined 0.2% in September. The index dropped 2.7% in the third quarter and is down 2% since the beginning of the year. Prices for three-carat stones also remained flat at -0.2% after declining 1.5% in the third quarter and 9.8% for the year.

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Antwerp Rough Diamond Trade Surges in September; Polished Still Struggling

Antwerp's rough diamond trade experienced a significant if not extraordinary rise in September, according to figures released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, while the polished trade could not shake its downward trend. Rough exports in September increased a whopping 61% in value year on year to $1.42 billion on a 26% increase in volume traded. Antwerp exported 10.8 million carats during the month, compared to 8.5 million carats traded a year ago. These volumes also exceed by more than a million carats - nearly 12% - the rough exports from the record year of 2014.

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Antwerp Bourses to Take Lead Against Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds

As announced last week, the Antwerp diamond bourses will make it possible for all its members to avail of HRD Antwerp screening technology at no cost. This initiative adds a second layer of confidence, as polished diamonds imported to Antwerp from India are already checked at AWDC's Diamond Office.


KP Forum Addresses Challenges of Standardization and Fairness in Rough Diamond Valuation

Last Friday, September 30, the second of three rough diamond valuation forums initiated by the current Kimberley Process (KP) Chair, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, was held in Antwerp.

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