Sarine AutoScan High-Speed Robotic Scanning System Released to Beta Testing

07/04/2022 16:08

Sarine announced it is commencing beta testing of its new AutoScanTM system, an innovative robotic system that executes fast and accurate data acquisition of rough diamonds for traceability and other purposes.

According to Sarine, the Sarine AutoScanTM system provides the optimal solution to truly enable the scalability of diamond traceability. The system utilizes various advanced motion and measurement technologies that move each rough diamond rapidly through the system while scanning and measuring it, generating and storing the necessary identifying data related to each stone in the cloud, before batching the diamonds back into their original parcels, all in a secured and controlled environment.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented: “The Sarine AutoScanTM system is an important additional step in our full traceability solution and enables us to provide not only the most comprehensive verifiable database solution, but also to do so in a truly scalable manner with minimal operational overhead, costs or delay. As well as providing mine-to-retail traceability, we are also enabling rough producers and traders to put in place a mechanism that assures diamonds are not lost or switched during the many stages of the internal processes that rough stones diamonds go through at their facilities, often remotely located. This will also enable them to better control their inventory and maximize their benification programs.

Image: Sarine