Opsydia Advances Technology And Collaborates With NDC

01/10/2021 12:43

Opsydia announced they can now place permanent identifiers in melee diamonds without affecting their surface polish. It’s an important advancement for volume manufactures to secure their supply chain and protect it from undisclosed synthetics.

Through this new technology, diamonds that are just 0.5 millimeters in diameter can have an alphanumeric sequence, coded shape or logo placed beneath their surface to create a physical link to a supply chain record or branded jewelry origin.

Opsydia’s technology was used during the Natural Diamond Council’s (NDC) latest phase of its ASSURE Diamond Verification initiative.

The ASSURE Program 2.0 utilizes an ‘ASSURE Sample’ of melee stones to test each device on its effectiveness at identifying and/or recognizing natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants. Opsydia placed unique serial numbers beneath the surface of all stones in the ASSURE Sample, so creators of ASSURE Tested Diamond Verification Instruments can discover which stones their devices misidentified.

Raluca Anghel, Head of External Affairs and Industry Relations at the Natural Diamond Council: "Being able to accurately identify melee diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants will allow the ASSURE program to provide greater feedback to manufacturers and will contribute towards further learning, technical advancement and above all, ensure consumer protection.”

Opsydia believes its technology, suitable for both melee as larger diamonds, can help the industry to tackle challenges such as traceability, fraud, counterfeiting and non-disclosure issues.