Antwerp's Grib Diamonds Adopts Sarine Diamond Traceability Program

03/06/2021 11:58

Grib Diamonds, the Belgian rough diamond company owned by AGD Diamonds, is joining the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM traceability program. The company, which has mining operations in Russia, can now offer customers stones with "birth-registrations" authenticating their origin. By augmenting their data to include the registration of origin and other information derived at the source, Grib will enable their midstream manufacturing customers to provide their downstream retail clients with fully documented traceable diamonds from the mine and throughout the polishing process.

Grib sells their stones through an online auction system that utilizes Sarine's technologies. For the higher value stones, Grib provides external modeling created by Sarine's DiaExpert® system, an internal inclusion map created by the Galaxy® system, and a Sarine Advisor® planning file allowing potential buyers to assess possible optimal polishing solutions. By providing their customers with comprehensive data pertaining to the quality of the assortments, Grib achieves a high level of transparency relating to the auctioned goods.

Grib Diamonds is a privately-owned company that has been selling rough diamonds in Antwerp since 2014. “We are continuously searching for ways to provide our customers with additional value. The consumer demand for sustainably sourced traceable diamonds is increasing rapidly, and we believe that the transparency provided by technology-based tracking is the best solution to respond to this challenge and enable our industry to continue prospering," said Igor Prokhorenko, Managing Director of Grib. "The Sarine Diamond JourneyTM solution is the optimal tool to achieve this aim, due to its extensive scope of data, its factual accuracy, and that it is derived from typically deployed systems with no need to acquire additional capital equipment and implement process changes, which means minimal operational effort and cost." The company intends to implement Sarine's technologies into their existing internal traceability efforts at the mine.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented: ”Expanding the list of rough producers implementing our traceability paradigm at source is important as it is the enabling prerequisite to facilitate the growing number of retailers complying with consumer demand for verifiable traceability information. I expect the Grib brand, empowered by their core values of transparency, fairness, and responsibility, will be further enhanced by its thus gaining exposure and recognition by the downstream segment of the industry and the consumer market. I am certain that other significant producers will also soon be embracing the Sarine Diamond Journey, which will similarly benefit their brand, as well as the entire diamond pipeline.”