Sarine Joins HB Antwerp As Technology Partner

07/05/2021 14:43

Sarine Technology, a leader in precision technology products for the planning, grading, and trading of diamonds and gems, announced it had joined HB Antwerp as a technology partner. The partnership aims to demonstrate that transparency and open collaboration can benefit all the stakeholders throughout the value chain.

HB, the Antwerp-based company, is focused on technology-driven solutions for sourcing, analyzing, cutting, and polishing diamonds. The company authenticates each stage of the value chain using its own unique blockchain and traceability technologies combined with Sarine’s traceability solutions. "Sarine's Galaxy® scanning, planning, and AI-grading technologies will be fully integrated with HB’s proprietary technologies throughout the process, from rough sourcing to the final polished result," Sarine stated. By doing so, HB can offer luxury clients a customized product with a unique story.

Both parties were pleased with the partnership, HB Antwerp's strategy Director, Mr. Rafael Papismedov commented; "[Sarine can] synergize with HB Antwerp's unique capabilities and vision for streamlining the value-chain and providing the end consumers with the quality products they desire, along with the transparency and confidence they now demand.

"HB Antwerp's ecosystem is a significant step towards the much-needed optimization of the diamond industry value chain. This new paradigm combining producers, manufacturers, and retailers underpinned by the latest technologies has the potential to revolutionize our industry", said David Block, Sarine Group CEO.  "We are proud to be a partner in this new paradigm and are very excited about the potential of this new and innovative ecosystem."