Everledger Leverages Transparency in Updated Blockchain Platform

16/07/2020 10:42

Everledger has announced an updated version of their Blockchain Platform, a meeting space for diamond suppliers and retailers underpinned by blockchain technology, that allows industry players to leverage transparency and sustainability in their business models. According to Everledger’s release, the diamond industry, accelerated by the COVID pandemic, can no longer afford to ignore a new reality of consumer awareness on provenance and ethical considerations, and their updated platform aims to help them to get on board.

Suppliers can (bulk) upload and list diamonds on the platform, adding a host of information on the diamonds journey through the value chain. In the updated version of the platform, Everledger is introducing new features, such as lead generation within the platform’s ecosystem of suppliers and buyers based on diamond quality, sustainability efforts and compliance standards. Platform users that score well on sustainability standards, for example impact on the environment through carbon footprint information, will be awarded badges, enhancing their profile and thus, Everledger says, their desirability towards clients that are increasingly seeking reassurance on origin, transparency and sustainability of the products they purchase.

Through the platform, users will also be able to fully track the diamond’s journey, including transfer of ownership and data analytics, making it easy for users to export reports for audit and compliance purposes.

Everledger is hosting a series of webinars to introduce diamond industry stakeholders on supplier and buyer side about the features of the platform.