Koin Introduces Virtual Viewer at Antwerp Tender

09/06/2020 07:05

At its first tender after lockdown measures were relaxed in Antwerp, tender house Koin International has launched an innovative approach to allow customers to virtually participate in rough tenders, through a concept called "Virtual Viewer". Using specialized equipment and technology, including high resolution livestreamed video, a Koin expert acts as the eyes and hands of the client in a realtime viewing experience. The sessions are also recorded, allowing buyers to review goods whenever suits them and make an informed bidding and purchasing decision from any location in the world. The first sessions were held this week and were met with positive response from buyers.

Adam Schulman, Koin International CEO, said “This is an idea which we’ve been working on for some time, which has been accelerated by the global crisis in which we all find ourselves. We’re tremendously excited to launch the Virtual Viewer, which we feel will be an industry game-changer in the way we conduct diamond tenders in the future. The upheavals and travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have been a blow to our industry, but times of disruption are frequently when we at our most inventive. This an innovative solution to allow business as usual, and we’re delighted once again to be at the forefront.”