De Beers Unveils Larger Version of (now JNA Award-Winning) SYNTHdetect Device,

19/09/2018 11:34

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a member of De Beers Group, yesterday announced that its industry-first synthetic screening device, SYNTHdetect, was awarded Industry Innovation of the Year at the JNA Awards in Hong Kong. The announcement follows the launch earlier during the week of IIDGR's SYNTHdetect XL, a larger version of the original model that provides additional efficiencies for users, allowing a multiple pieces of jewelry to be screened at an even faster rate while using the same technology as the original SYNTHdetec. Users of the SYNTHdetect XL will now be able to scan larger necklaces, multiple solitaire rings and multiple bracelets, while retaining the ease of use of the original device.

The original SYNTHdetect, launched last year, is the first synthetic diamond screening device to simultaneously test multiple stones in set jewelry and has the industry’s lowest referral rate at around 0.05 percent. Jonathan Kendall, President, IIDGR, said: “It’s a real honour to be recognised among our industry peers with this award, which is testament to IIDGR’s mission to continually pioneer new innovations to support the diamond trade. SYNTHdetect has revolutionised synthetic diamond detection for our customers through our proprietary technology that makes the process of screening synthetic diamonds extremely simple and efficient." Concerning the revolutionary detection techniques for identifying all-natural diamonds, Jamie Clark, Commercial Director, IIDGR, said, "This means that if a stone in a piece of jewellery does not display the attributes of a natural diamond, it is highlighted immediately and with a high degree of accuracy, with the lowest referral rate of any device in the industry."