U.S. Company Grows 6-Carat CVD Synthetic Diamond, Claims it is Largest To Date

02/02/2018 11:29

WD Lab Grown Diamonds, based in Maryland in the US, has announced the creation a 6-carat round laboratory-grown diamond, which it says, "now stands as the world's only known lab-made CVD diamond of its size and shape." The company says the large synthetic diamond, made using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology, was "grown in just a few months, as opposed to the millions of years it takes to form a diamond in nature." The company's facility, located just outside Washington, DC, produces synthetic diamonds for the jewelry market as well for as industrial and scientific purposes. They say the 6-carat synthetic diamond was sold in less than a month, "demonstrating there is immediate demand for a diamond of that size and quality."

“We’re excited about our new world record for round lab-grown diamonds,” said Clive Hill, founder and chairman at WD Lab Grown Diamonds. “This 6-carat white diamond would price similarly to a 3.5-carat mined diamond with the same quality. Consumers have the opportunity to get much more diamond for the same money, [which is] a top reason why they choose lab-grown diamonds.”