• This afternoon, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) hosted a forum organized by the Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses (FBDB) to tackle the issue of undisclosed synthetic diamonds and address the legal and technical aspects concerning the disclosure of synthetic and treated natural diamonds.

  • Two Israeli diamond firms – LYE Diamonds Ltd and ESGD Diamonds Ltd belonging to Gaby and Yossi Yelizarov – have laid down a lawsuit in New York against the Rapaport Group and the GIA relating to a case of a mystery treatment that the GIA said temporarily improves a diamond’s color. The GIA said it discovered the treatment last year which it claims temporarily improves a diamond’s color. The lawsuit case relates to a case a year ago when the GIA said that it discovered around 500 diamonds that, in its view, had been treated by a previously unknown color-improving process, JCK explains.