• At its first tender after lockdown measures were relaxed in Antwerp, tender house Koin International has launched an innovative approach to allow customers to virtually participate in rough tenders, through a concept called "Virtual Viewer". Using specialized equipment and technology, including high resolution livestreamed video, a Koin expert acts as the eyes and hands of the client in a realtime viewing experience. The sessions are also recorded, allowing buyers to review goods whenever suits them and make an informed bidding and purchasing decision from any location in the world.

  • Koin International will hold a rough tender for the Kimberley Ekapa Mine (KEM) production from Kimberley, South Africa, from 27 February to 4 March. The tender includes an exceptional 82ct yellow diamond, recovered in February.

    The Kimberley Underground mines have a history of producing large diamonds and fancy yellows, such as the Oppenheimer (253 carats rough). The largest diamond ever recovered at Kimberley Underground was +800 carats and the mine is also the source of the Kimberley Octahedral, at 616 carats, one of the largest uncut diamonds in the world.

  • Diamcor Mining, a publicly-traded junior diamond mining company with a strategic alliance and first right of refusal with Tiffany & Co. Canada, reported a 22% decline in rough diamond sales in the second fiscal quarter due to the sale of a higher percentage of smaller, lower-quality rough diamonds than in the same period last year.

  • Rough diamond buyers almost by default desire ‘original’ rough, flowing directly from the mine of origin to the tender house. With current supply limited and no major increases on the horizon, however, maximizing the volume of available goods becomes more of a priority. Adam Schulman at Koin International tender house in Antwerp believes he has found an answer in KoinDex, a sales system that takes the hidden supply of rough diamonds already available to the market and packages them into parcels deserving of the same respect and attention from buyers that original rough goods receive.

  • Diamcor Mining, a publicly traded junior diamond mining company based in Canada and operating in South Africa, sold 1,220 carats of rough diamonds recovered from ongoing processing exercises performed at its Krone-Endora at Venetia Project in South Africa for US$376,000, achieving an average sale price of $308.06 per carat. This represents an increase of 76% compared to the company’s average price per carat of $176.16 realised on all rough diamonds tendered and sold to date, and included the sale of a 44 carat gem quality rough diamond.

  • Tender house Koin International will hold their regular tender for South African miner KEM (Kimberley Ekapa Mining) from 4 - 8 March in Antwerp  This is a full Run of Mine production of 50,000cts including melee through to 10.80+ single stones and fancy colors. In addition, the sale will include KoinDex, Koin International’s innovative new monthly tender with ‘Trigger Pricing’. The “Trigger Price” is a displayed price which means buyers have access to a guaranteed sell point.

    Viewings will take place by appointment in Antwerp at the offices of Koin International.

  • Diamond tender house Koin International will hold two rough diamond tenders for original African productions this February in Antwerp. From 11 – 14 February, Koin will tender the KEM (Kimberley Ekapa Minerals) production from Kimberley, South Africa. This is a full Run of Mine tender including large single stones and fancy colors. KEM's sought-after production was previously offered only in South Africa, but Koin held a successful initial tender in Antwerp last August-September.

  • Koin International Tenders has announced the addition of the KEM production (Kimberley Ekapa Minerals, South Africa) to its rough tenders. Previously offered only in South Africa, this sought-after production will now be offered at Koin tenders in Antwerp. An initial sale of over 66,000cts of 3Gr down and 10.80+ Single Stones will be on offer. Viewings for 10.80+ will be from August 20 to September 5, overlapping with Run of Mine production from the 28 August to 7 September.

  • Koin International will hold a rough diamond tender in Antwerp from 18 - 26 June 2018, including original productions from Meya Mining (Sierra Leone), Ekapa Minerals (Kimberley, South Africa), and over 60,000cts of rough goods from Angola. The tender will also feature an Single Stone Tender of 'special' (+10.8 carat) stones from Angola. All productions are a full range of colours and qualities.

  • Koin International will hold their January rough diamond tender in Antwerp from January 17 – 24 featuring multiple original rough mine productions from several African countries. The rough goods are from the following mining companies: Meya Mining (Sierra Leone), Diamcor (South Africa), Ekapa Minerals (Kimberley), ANGOLA F2M, Calendula (Angola), Texam (Guinea) and Kananga (DRC). The tender will also feature a selection of exceptional fancy yellow and pink diamonds. Viewings are by appointment only and can be scheduled through the link to the original article.

  • On November 9 in Sierra Leone, Meya Mining recovered a 476-carat Type IIa, D color diamond (the highest category of purity & color) from the very first sample of ore they put through their processing plant. An astounding recovery.

  • The discovery of these two stones [709 & 476-carat] means we have immense resource potential. There is excellent investor trust in Sierra Leone. The proceeds from the sale will have a knock-on effect for investors and government, and a direct impact on the community where they were found. It highlights the great opportunity to partner with Sierra Leone in terms of resources.

  • “We have the diamond,” said Leora Halfon of tender house Koin International on the sidelines of the African Diamond Conference, showing us a photo of the 476-carat, Type IIa, D-colored diamond just unearthed by Meya Mining in Sierra Leone. “It’s already in Antwerp.”

  • Following the unearthing of the 476.7-carat diamond, dubbed the Meya Prosperity, at the Meya deposit in the Kono District of Sierra Leone, Meya Mining announced the appointment of Koin International as the marketing and sales agent for the exceptional diamond.

  • Koin International will hold a rough diamond tender in Antwerp from 7-16 November, featuring a wide variety of African goods. They will present an enlarged original production of Meya Minings (Sierra Leone) as well as, for the first time, the original Allotropes Run of Mine (Sierra Leone).

  • Merlin Diamonds Ltd has shipped a parcel of rough diamonds to Koin International (Koin) following the receipt of the requisite Kimberley Process Certificate for an auction commencing on August 30. The Merlin diamond mine in Australia’s Northern Territories is famous for producing large, high clarity, white, high value diamonds, including the largest diamond ever unearthed in Australia, at 104.73 carats.

  • Koin International will hold its May rough sales of African diamonds in Antwerp from 8 - 17 May. The tender includes exciting selections of original mine rough productions, including diamonds from Ekapa Minerals (selection of tailings from Kimberley, South Africa), Angola F2M (10.80ct.+ and melee to 4ct. parcels), Diamcor Mining (original run of mine from Krone-Endora mine, South Africa, singles through to melee parcels), Democratic Republic of Congo (Run of Mine) and Guiter Minerals Sarl (Guinea Run of Mine).