ALROSA Donates ‘Sputnik V’ Vaccines to Angola

02/06/2021 16:14

Russian mining giant ALROSA, together with the Embassy of Russia in Angola, has donated 25,000 doses of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine to the Angolan government. The miner provided financing and delivery of vaccines from Russia to Luanda, where the Minister of Health, Dr. Silvia Lutucuta, received the cargo. The second shipment of 25,000 doses should arrive in Luanda within a month.

"Every year ALROSA allocates millions of dollars for social, environmental, and charitable programs near its operations. For many years, ALROSA has been closely cooperating with colleagues from Angola," said ALROSA Deputy CEO Vladimir Marchenko. "In difficult times, we strive to support our partners. Therefore, this year we organized and financed the supply of the coronavirus vaccine from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Angola." The miner is a shareholder and partner of the largest Angolan diamond mining enterprise, Catoca.