Registrations Antwerp Summer University ‘From Mine To Finger’ Open

31/05/2021 15:20

In August, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and the University of Antwerp (UA) will host the fourth edition of the Antwerp Summer University (ASU) ‘From Mine to Finger, discover the world of diamonds in every aspect’. During this fully-fledged digital summer school, participants will get to know the diamond industry inside out thanks to an intensive program including fascinating virtual site visits, lectures, workshops and keynotes by internationally renowned academics and professionals. According to the AWDC, the ASU is the perfect way to boost the knowledge of young diamond professionals and to invest in their future.

“The summer school is targeted at final year Bachelor students and Master students from different disciplines, but also at young professionals and researchers, interested in deepening their knowledge about diamonds and the industry. It offers the perfect opportunity for companies in the international diamond industry to boost the knowledge of young staff members or to nurture the talent of aspiring diamond experts”, said Karen Rentmeesters, Head of Communications at AWDC.

The program includes the following topics:

  • Rough diamonds – what is a diamond, how are they mined, how are they sold and valuated
  • Integrity, the fifth C – Kimberley Process, Sustainability and Diversity
  • Economic perspective and manufacturing – Trade basics, polished pricing, transfer pricing, synthetics, diamond polishing and technology
  • Retail & Marketing – a shift from "diamonds are forever" to "diamonds are unique and real"

“Given the current situation and restrictions due to Covid-19, this year's ASU marks the first digital edition, but we will offer the same inspiring content, innovative approach and collaborative environment as the physical version does. Topics include the historical, geological, technical, economical, commercial and ethical perspectives of the global diamond trade, but the course also offers a series of talks focusing on future trends, challenges and opportunities by focusing on innovation and sustainability in the industry in all its facets”, said Rentmeesters.

The summer university takes place from 30 August - 3 September 2021 and is preceded by an introductory module from 23 - 27 August, during which primary insights will be given so participants can duly prepare for the course. These preparatory talks, readings and clips can be processed at one’s own pace and will cover all topics dealt with during the summer school. The registration fee is €600, registrations close on 15 June 2021.

Interested companies can find more information here or can contact the AWDC PR & Communications department via