KPCS: “Failure” (Civil Society Coalition) & “Missed Opportunity” (Industry)

25/11/2019 21:11

At the conclusion of the KPCS Plenary Session in New Delhi, India, the Civil Society Coalition (CSC) in a press release says the KP failed to deliver on the mission of the three-year reform cycle, noting “only insignificant changes to the scope and governance” was agreed upon by the members of the scheme. According to the CSC, the tripartite structure of the KPCS – industry, civil society and governments – is only true in theory, claiming the decision-making is unable “to transcend national interests”. “The KP continues to lose relevance and credibility”, the statement continues, which the CSC believes amplifies the need to look outside of the system to improve diamond governance and protect mining communities across the world.

The World Diamond Council, representing the industry, stated to be dissapointed about the missed opportunity to enhance the strong foundation the KPCS represents in safeguarding the integrity of the diamond business, as a motion to expand the definition of “conflict diamonds” wasn’t welcomed by the consensus required to be passed. The KP members did however agree on the WDC’s updated System of Warranties, “a powerful tool that is already applied by the industry to ensure consumer confidence both within the KP and independently”, WDC President Stéphane Fischler said in his closing speech. The WDC System of Warranties go beyond the KPCS, referencing  international conventions relating to human and labor rights, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering (AML).