Diamond Empowerment Fund's First Scholarship Honors Mandela's Legacy

17/09/2018 17:32

The Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F) has partnered with the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) to establish the first in a series of Diamond Empowerment Fund Scholarships. The DEF scholarship, the first in a series of new scholarships, will be earmarked for a student from a diamond producing country whose chosen post-graduate study will be in a field of interest that meets the needs for improving the quality of life for Africans. Additional D.E.F scholarships will be identified in the coming months, each representing the global impact of the diamond industry.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund was inspired by Nelson Mandela who encouraged D.E.F’s co-founders to tell the world the positive impact Africa’s diamonds were having to build healthy and educated communities on the continent. “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Mandela Institute for Development Studies and to continue the legacy of giving back to the very communities where diamonds are found”, says D.E.F president Anna Martin, also senior vice president of GIA. 2018 marks the centenary birthday for Nelson Mandela whose own impact will be acknowledged and celebrated at the Mandela Peace Summit on the eve of the opening of the UN General Assembly later this month. The Mandela Institute for Development Studies’ unique approach develops Pan-African leaders who have a lived understanding and experience on the continent and who, in turn, can facilitate economic integration and social cohesion.

“The Diamond Empowerment Fund Scholarship will contribute to creating a labour force with specialist skills required for the 21stcentury, through the continent’s higher education system, which meets the continent’s socio-economic needs,” says MINDS Executive Chair and Founding Trustee, Mrs Graça Machel.

Image: D.E.F. Co-Founder Dr. Benjamin Chavis with President Nelson Mandela | Mozambique, 2006