Diamond Empowerment Fund to Honor Indian Government

28/05/2015 12:27

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government and the people of India are to be honoured at the D.E.F.’s Diamonds in the Sky event on 28 May during the major JCK diamond trade show in Las Vegas. He and his government are being given the Global Empowerment Salute. Nancy Orem Lyman, D.E.F. Executive Director, said: “This is in recognition of the outstanding global leadership and stellar contributions to democracy, sustainable development, and growth and expansion in India of the international diamond industry.”

D.E.F., founded in 2007 with support from De Beers, is an international non-profit organisation supporting education initiatives in diamond producing countries. In just eight years, it has supported more than 2,000 students through financial donations. David Prager, D.E.F. board member and Global Head of Corporate Affairs at De Beers, said: “D.E.F. is about empowering communities through education. It’s about helping young people realise their potential by providing clear educational pathways. In this way, D.E.F. and De Beers are focused on helping diamond communities become strong, stable and socially empowered.”