First Element To Work with GIA Diamond Origin Program

Rough Market
16/11/2021 13:16

First Element announces it will cooperate with GIA Antwerp, submitting rough diamonds to the GIA Diamond Origin Program, a traceability program to scientifically match a polished natural diamond to its original rough stone, confirming the country of origin information. First Element will offer successful buyers at their tenders to have the rough stones included in the program. First Element “will ensure the implementation process of the diamonds into the GIA Diamond Origin Program will run very smoothly, thus optimizing the experience for the client.”

The process and methodology for confirming the country of origin are scientifically driven and a culmination of over 60 years of gemological research by GIA. Once manufactured, the diamonds from the same rough stone are carefully examined to determine if they match the characteristics of the original rough diamond. After successfully matching, GIA issues a grading report recording the cut gem’s country of origin as well as any additional information on the positive impact of the natural diamond industry on local communities and the diamond’s transformation process as the stone’s travels through the value chain from mine to jewelry piece.