First Element Reports Strong Antwerp Tender

Rough Market
08/11/2021 15:05

First Element Diamond Services announced strong October tender results. Both tenders, the first one in Antwerp and the second one in Johannesburg, showed high demand and strong interest with over 198 companies with 322 buyers attending the viewings in Antwerp. Over 700 parcels were sold for a total amount of around $30 million. Parcel highlights of the tender included a 16-carat stone sold for over $110,000 per carat.

According to First Element, market conditions continue to be favorable as they saw price increases across all categories sold. The company predicts the strong prices and high attendances will continue into the New Year and the foreseeable future.

First Element will organize its next tender in Johannesburg for 23 – 30 November and from 6 – 10 December in Antwerp.