Alrosa Continues to Support Clients Demand

Rough Market
26/07/2021 14:07

Alrosa today announced that it remains committed to maintaining a healthy balance in the market, as the industry encounters rough supply shortages and demand continues to thrive. The company purchases 70% of the diamonds that were auctioned by the Russian State Fund for Precious Metals and Stones (Gokhran), organized to contribute to market balance. Alrosa gave a welcome opportunity to its Alrosa Alliance customers to purchase the Gokhran diamonds they needed, alleviating the pressure caused by shortages in their manufacturing cycles. "These diamonds are what the market needs right now, and they will soon move on to the cutting and polishing stage, which we believe will somewhat contribute to balance the market. I would also like to mention Gokhran's role in making this auction possible. Despite the tight schedule, they managed to do everything smoothly and without delay,” said Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of ALROSA