Lucara 63 Carat Fancy Pink Diamond Recovered in Botswana

Rough Market
14/07/2021 17:12

Lucara announced the recovery of a 62.7-carat fancy pink diamond from the Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana. The diamond entitled “Boitumelo” meaning Joy, is a high-quality, fancy pink, Type IIa gem. In addition, a 2.21-carat fancy pink diamond of similar quality was recovered during the same production period, along with two pink gems of similar color and purity weighing 11.17 and 5.05 carats respectively. The 62.7-carat diamond represents the largest fancy pink gem recovered in Botswana and one of the largest rough pink diamonds on record.

“Lucara is delighted to announce another historic diamond with the recovery of the Boitumelo and very pleased to demonstrate the continued potential for large, colored diamonds from the South Lobe production," Said Lucara CEO Eira Thomas. "These remarkable pink diamonds join a collection of significant diamond recoveries in 2021 produced from the EM/PK(S) which forms a key economic driver for the proposed uncolored mine at Karowe.”