21,86ct Pink Palesa To Be Sold in Antwerp

Rough Market
21/06/2021 15:16

Namakwa Diamonds & Storm Mountain Diamonds announce the discovery and upcoming sale of ‘The Pink Palesa’.

The 21,86 ct natural pink diamond will be sold in Antwerp by Bonas Group. The stone was discovered on the 18th of May at the KAO mine in Lesotho. The Palesa, derived from the local Sesotho word for ‘flower’, will travel to Antwerp to be offered for sale during KAO’s next sale.  

Viewings will take place in Antwerp from 12 – 23 July 2021, with bidding closing on 23 July at 15:00 CET via online highest bid tender at http://kaobids.com

KAO remains one of the world’s few sources of natural pink diamonds; the Pink Palesa, therefore, presents a unique and increasingly rare opportunity. More details can be found on https://bonasgroup.com and https://stormmountaindiamonds.com.