New Lucara Giant (470 ct) Going to Antwerp

Rough Market
08/06/2021 15:32

Lucara Diamonds announced the recovery of a 470 carat top light brown clivage diamond from its Karowe Mine in Botswana. This recovery headlines a series of top-quality gem and clivage quality diamond recoveries during a recent production run, including 5 other diamonds of 265ct, 183ct, 161ct, 116ct and 106ct, and 13 diamonds between 50 and 100 carats.

The 470ct diamond is the third diamond over 300 carats recovered to date in 2021, following the 341 carat and 378 carat top white diamonds recovered in January 2021.

In April, Lucara and HB Antwerp extended their exclusive deal on all of Lucara's +10.8ct diamonds, which means the 470 carat diamond is heading to Antwerp.