Lucapa sells 3,617ct Mothae Parcel via Antwerp for US$1.5m In 3rd Partnership Sale

Rough Market
05/05/2021 08:03

Australian miner Lucapa and the Govt of the Kingdom of Lesotho have announced the third sale of 2021 of Mothae rough achieved US$1.5m or US$420/ct. All of Mothae’s diamonds are brough to Antwerp where they are prepared for sale and sold in Antwerp. The parcels that form part of Lucapa’s and the Govt of Lesotho’s partnership deal with Safdico are then studied and cut and polished in the city by a preeminent cutting facility. In the deal, Mothae receives a minimum average cash flow of  US$630/ct for the first 12 months of the agreement, the difference between minimum average cash flow value and the selling price will be recouped by Safdico from sales delivered in the future with an average price higher than US$630/ct. Total revenue for Lucapa’s rough sales of Mothae and Lulo (Angola) amounts to 19,224ct or US$22.5m, average US$1,173/ct.