25.97ct Namakwa "Pink Dawn" On Display in Antwerp

Rough Market
18/01/2021 17:10

Namakwa Diamonds has announced the discovery and upcoming sale of an exceptional Fancy Pink "Pink Dawn" diamond, 25.97ct, which was uncovered in October last year by Storm Mountain Diamonds at Namakwa's Lesotho KAO Mine. Viewings take place at Bonas Group's offices in Antwerp, during the first KAO sale of this year (KAO-2101), between January 25 and closing on February 4, 4PM CET via online highest bid tender (https://kaobids.com). In recent years, the KAO mine, which supports local communities through the building of educational facilities, water and sanitation infrastructure and food and other supplies, delivered among others, three other impressive pink diamonds - The Pink Storm (36.06ct), the Purple Princess (3.06ct) and the Rose of Kao (29.59ct).  

Appointments can be made via phone (Bonas Group) +32 32 337080