Hennig Tenders To Hold Follow-Up Angolan RoM Tender

Rough Market
05/10/2020 08:52

Hennig Tenders will be holding a 2nd tender of Angolan RoM goods in Antwerp from 12-21 October, following a 1st succesful tender of +5ct Angolan RoM rough which concluded last week. This follow-up tender of a large volume of rough stones of smaller sizes (4 carats and below) will consist of a combination of bespoke cuts in both the high value 2.5-4 carat assortments and the RoM parcels in all other sizes as well as some fancy colour stones. "We expext healthy demand for these original parcels, that have never been seen on the market", David Kuchler, Manager of I.Hennig Tenders, commented.