Koin International To Tender Exceptional 82ct Yellow Diamond in Antwerp

Rough Market
24/02/2020 12:50

Koin International will hold a rough tender for the Kimberley Ekapa Mine (KEM) production from Kimberley, South Africa, from 27 February to 4 March. The tender includes an exceptional 82ct yellow diamond, recovered in February.

The Kimberley Underground mines have a history of producing large diamonds and fancy yellows, such as the Oppenheimer (253 carats rough). The largest diamond ever recovered at Kimberley Underground was +800 carats and the mine is also the source of the Kimberley Octahedral, at 616 carats, one of the largest uncut diamonds in the world.

Viewings will take place by appointment in Antwerp at the offices of Koin International/ Miranel BV. Bookings requests may be emailed to bookings@koininternational.com