Bonas Couzyn Antwerp Opens Tender of Massive Angolan Diamond

Rough Market
03/02/2020 13:29

Bonas Couzyn tender house in Antwerp will hold a special tender of a 183.54 carat diamond from the Cuango mine in Angola. The stone (pictured) was shipped to Bonas directly from the Sociedade Mineira do Cuango in Angola.

The diamond will be available for viewing from 4 to 7 February 2020, and on 10 February in the offices of Bonas-Couzyn in the Diamond Club in Antwerp. The big rough stone will be sold through a highest-bid tender on the 11th  of February 2020 at 15:00 Antwerp (CET) time via

Sociedade Mineira do Cuango, is a three-way public-private venture between Endiama, ITM and Lumanhe. Production at the Cuango mine, one of the most significant alluvial mines in the country, started in 2005 and has yielded more than 2 million carats to date. The project reportedly raised about $20 million in investments in 2019, following the liberalization of the country’s diamond mining sector.

The mine was featured in this video report and one can take a virtual tour of the mine here.