Lucara, Louis Vuitton and Antwerp Manufacturer Join Forces Polishing 1758ct Rough

Rough Market
16/01/2020 08:14

Lucara, the Canadian mining company that owns the Karowé mine in Botswana announced they will be collaborating with luxury brand Louis Vuitton and an Antwerp-based high-end polishing company (HB) to polish the largest rough diamond ever found in Botswana, the 1758ct Sewelô diamond recovered in April last year. In the arrangement, the stone - qualified as near-gem, variable quality, will be polished into a collection of diamonds, and apart from an up front non-material payment, Lucara will retain a 50% interest in the polished results. 5% of all sales proceeds will be invested in Lucara's local Batswana community projects.

Lucara is not the first miner to venture into the manufacturing and sale of the diamonds they recover. Earlier, The Diamond Loupe reported on the exceptional results of similar collaborations set up by Lucapa Diamond Co.