I. Hennig Launches Innovative New Virtual Broker Platform

Rough Market
14/01/2020 14:35

International rough diamond brokerage and marketing service provider I. Hennig today announced the launch of its innovative state-of-the-art online rough trading platform: “Virtual Broker”. Virtual Broker (VB) provides a secure environment for rough diamond trading where sellers and buyers negotiate online directly between themselves on a wide range of goods.

Viewings of goods will take place at the Hennig Tenders offices in Antwerp and transactions will take place online through the new VB platform. VB sales events will operate with a new format where suppliers and buyers can negotiate and close deals online at any given time without having to wait until the end of an event. This allows buyers to have greater certainty about their rough purchase options and more efficient use of capital. Any bids made on the platform are transmitted directly in real time to the sellers who can then decide how to respond. While the sellers remain anonymous, I. Hennig will handle all
transactions with its secure, independent and reliable systems.

Virtual Broker provides an increased level of transparency and control for all participants, offering unfiltered access to buyers all over the world and democratising access to rough. Virtual Broker also provides additional features such as the “Buy-It-Now” function, the opportunity for selling/purchasing with credit terms, as well as mobile device accessibility.

The Virtual Broker platform will bring about a more efficient and dynamic rough diamond marketplace through the use of technology, a wider pool of participants, and a cost-competitive model. I. Hennig will provide full training to registered buyers on how to use the platform and its new and exclusive bidding tools during their viewing appointments or on request.

The first sales event on Virtual Broker is planned for January 20th-24th 2020.

Arik Sela, Managing Director of I. Hennig, comments, “We are extremely excited to launch Virtual Broker - our new digital marketplace for rough trading - which we believe is the natural next step in the evolution of tender and auction-type diamond sales. This will serve as an innovative and transparent trading tool for buyers and sellers alike from across the globe; we have already lined up a select group of international suppliers to participate with an exciting range of goods to present to interested buyers from all diamond centres.”

For further information, please contact I. Hennig at info@ihennig-tenders.com
To register on the platform, please go to www.ihennig-vb.com