Grib Diamonds Nets $30M from Rough Tender in Antwerp, Including Angolan Stones

Rough Market
11/12/2019 18:34

Grib Diamonds today (11 December) sold more than $30M and 370K carats though its online Spot Auction in Antwerp. The diamonds included, for the first time, goods purchased from Angola as well as its usual Russian production from its wholly owned mine in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

The viewings took place in Antwerp over six days with close to 200 sittings. There were 56 different winners. Grib Diamonds noted that demand for rough goods had grown significantly since its last sale in November. The addition of Angolan rough diamonds, highly prized by the market, fits in with Grib’s corporate strategy of applying its world class systems, sales assortments and processes to alternative productions and to increase its rough diamond footprint. Grib Diamonds remains optimistic that this will be the first of many sales of Angolan diamonds.