De Beers Group Auctions Launches Digital Platform

Rough Market
15/10/2019 11:38

De Beers Group Auctions today announced the launch of its new auction portal, the company stated in a press release. The new platform "provides customers with an improved bidding experience through a range of enhancements to functionality and to the user experience. The portal harnesses cutting-edge technology and incorporates a range of valuable insights garnered from customer feedback," the Group writes. They describe it as a "better, smarter and faster way for customers to purchase their diamonds." See the announcement in annex below.

The company says, "The platform is designed with our customers in mind, making it more intuitive, user-friendly and purposeful. We have rolled out a few new look and feel, as well as features, so that customers can now expect easier navigation, shorter bidding sessions, price protection and price transparency." Watch the video of the new auction portal here.

“At De Beers Group Auctions, our raison d’etre is to provide our customers a smart and seamless way to source natural diamonds," said James Kirby, Senior Vice-President of De Beers Group Auctions. "We plan to do that through continuous improvement of our industry-leading auction platform to allow customers to buy from us online with greater ease and unprecedented levels of product data with greater transparency. With the new platform, our customers can expect an enhanced customer experience, an integrated portal, a customised experience, and a scalable and robust environment.”