Diamond Fields Earns $97,000 from 5.71 Carat Pink Diamond in Antwerp

Rough Market
18/03/2019 16:33

Diamond Fields Resources, based in Vancouver, sold 47,298 carats of Namibian marine diamonds for $1,105,530 at a tender in Antwerp, including a 5.71 carat pink diamond which sold for $97,076 or $17,000 per carat. This was the first sale of diamonds from the ML111 licence offshore Namibia since mining resumed in 2018.

The sale included a number of high quality white and colored diamonds, including the exceptional pink stone. The company said it sold all of the diamonds offered for sale. The parcel of diamonds was produced over 65 days of mining between November 10, 2018 and January 13, 2019 (“the Period”). The Company is in the process of carrying out a review of operational performance during the Period with International Mining and Dredging Holdings (IMDH), which operated the campaign via its subsidiary NUTAM. Historical diamond production (2001-2008 and 2016) from ML 111 has been 95-98% gem quality.