IMDH To Tender Namibian Marine Rough Diamond Production in Antwerp

Rough Market
21/01/2019 15:13

International Mining and Dredging Holdings (IMDH) will be holding its first tender since 2016 of Namibian marine-mined rough diamonds at Bonas-Couzyn’s Antwerp offices. Bonas said the first sale from IMDH will bring to market approximately 47,000cts of original marine goods of gem quality, mined by the specialist mining vessel, the Ya Toivo. “This exciting source will be holding regular ROM production tenders with Bonas-Couzyn in Antwerp throughout 2019,” the tender house said.

Diamond Fields Resources (DFR) restarted diamond mining at its ML111 licence offshore of Namibia in early November, and in mid-December sent its first 25,152-carat parcel of diamonds to Antwerp for independent valuation, deep-boiling and initial sorting in preparation for sale. DFR anounced the successful conclusion of its initial mining campaign on January 14, along with plans to ship another parcel to Antwerp. Historical diamond production from the ML 111 license area has been 95-98% gem quality. Bonas said that viewings for the first sale are scheduled to take place by appointment only from 11 to 15 February in Bonas Couzyn’s office on the 9th floor of the Diamantclub Building in Antwerp, and the tender would close on Monday 18 February. 

Photograph by Simon Dawson/Bloomberg