Koin International Tenders To Debut KEM (Kimberley) Diamonds in Antwerp

Rough Market
21/08/2018 11:08

Koin International Tenders has announced the addition of the KEM production (Kimberley Ekapa Minerals, South Africa) to its rough tenders. Previously offered only in South Africa, this sought-after production will now be offered at Koin tenders in Antwerp. An initial sale of over 66,000cts of 3Gr down and 10.80+ Single Stones will be on offer. Viewings for 10.80+ will be from August 20 to September 5, overlapping with Run of Mine production from the 28 August to 7 September. Last July, Petra Diamonds sold its stake in the Kimberley Ekapa Mining joint venture (KEM JV) to its namesake partner, Ekapa Mining, for about 300 million rand ($22 million). The miner explained that the move was undertaken, "to ensure a sustainable future for KEM JV by placing the operation under the sole stewardship of an operator best suited to maximise its value." 

Koin Internation says the sale will also include the productions of Meya Mining, Diamcor, Klipspringer, Angola F2M, Mbuji-Mayi, Calendula and Fancy Colour Assortments. Viewings will take place by appointment in Antwerp at the offices of Koin International (for bookings: bookings@koininternational.com).