ALROSA's Large Stones (+10.8ct) Remain in High Demand

Rough Market
03/07/2018 10:40

Following successful auctions of special size rough diamonds (weighing over 10.8 carats) in Vladivostok, New York, Israel and Dubai, Russian miner ALROSA earned total sales revenue of $10.4 million at their latest auction in Hong Kong, which is more than 1.5 times higher than the starting price. In total, 100 gem-quality lots with a total weight of 1,550 carats were sold. The companies from the largest diamond trading centers, including Hong Kong, Belgium, Israel, India, the UAE and Russia, attended the auction. 28 firms were recognized as winners for different lots.

“We successfully held this year’s second auction in Hong Kong, which is one of the key regions in our business," remarked Evgeny Agureev, Member of the Executive Committee and Director of USO ALROSA. "The composition of participating companies turned out to be quite diverse: we invited more than 80 companies, the geography covers almost all the world diamond centers. In autumn, our third auction in Hong Kong will take place. We also plan to bring there an interesting assortment." The company held another auction in Vladivostok on June 18, but the results have yet to be reported. Throughout the year 2018, ALROSA planned to hold 30 international auctions for the sale of special size natural rough diamonds.