476 Carat Meya Prosperity Diamond Sold to Graff for $16.5M

Rough Market
24/12/2017 12:05

Renowned jeweler Laurence Graff has bought the 476-carat Meya Prosperity Diamond from Sierra Leone for $16.5 million. It is the second major rough diamond Graff has purchased from Sierra Leone this month, having previously purchased the 709-carat 'Peace Diamond' for $6.5 million. The Type IIa, D color 476- rock was unearthed in the Kono District back in November by Meya Mining, a company jointly owned by Namibia-based conglomerate Trustco Group and Germinate Sierra Leone. The 29th largest diamond ever uncovered, and the 5th largest from Sierra Leone, it was unearthed just five days after final sign-off of the newly-built mining plant.

An additional bonus payment will be made if the largest polished stone be graded as a D Flawless. Meya Mining’s board accepted the private bid after extensive deliberation and consultations with market experts and two independent valuators. The stone was marketed by Koin International in Antwerp.

Commenting on the purchase, Laurence Graff said: “This year we have acquired four of the most important diamonds in history, we are extremely proud to be the custodians of such exceptionally rare stones. Our expert team will now spend time analysing the Meya Prosperity, and the coming months will bring much excitement as we begin to unveil the results of cutting and polishing these incredible stones." 

“Graff is best-placed to take the Meya Prosperity story forward, with a proven track record in exceptional stones,” said Meya Mining CEO Jan Joubert in a statement Thursday. “It is important that we align ourselves with companies that understand our core values and aspirations — transparency, accountability and integrity. Graff is a company that represents that.”

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