KP Chair: Continued Effort Needed To Bring CAR and Venezuela Back On Board

Rough Market
24/06/2015 22:07

During the KP Intersessional in Luanda, Angola, KP Chair Bernardo Campos gave an overview of the first six months of the Angolan KP Chairmanship, in particular the projects providing technical assistance extended to Central Africa Republic, the leading role in the retrieval of the exports of diamonds from Cote d'Ivoire, as well as the clarification of some matters concerning Venzuela. Campos expressed the KPCS's hope that work can continue to enable the Central Africa Republic to resume its exports of diamond the earliest and Venezuela to overcome its self-suspension. Furthermore, Angolan Press Agency reports onsensus on matters concerning the organisation has been attained through balanced solutions that safeguard the institutional interest of the Kimberly Process.