More Women Buying Their Own Jewelry

Retail and Consumer Confidence
02/07/2015 15:13

Jewelry has traditionally been something gifted to women and even now that view holds strong, but many women have given up waiting and are buying jewelry for themselves – for the fun of it ('Just Becausers'), for investment purposes, as divorce presents, or as a beautiful way to squander their bonuses. Bonhams auction house reports that at its most recent jewelry sales in London, half the buyers were women. The trend is global; in the US, Bonhams expects one-third of its jewelry buyers this year to be female, while in Hong Kong, the figure is already 41%. Jean Ghika, head of the Bonhams jewelry team for Europe, says, "More people see auctions as a good way to buy vintage, one-off jewellery and we've seen a big increase in female buyers who are buying jewellery for themselves. These are career women who have successful jobs, who have their own money and are happy to choose their own jewellery with it."

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